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Organizations that want to optimize their assessment programs and increase their relevance to the entire enterprise rely on Questionmark Consulting Services, which gives them the help of experts in systems integration, server installations, instructional design, analytics and psychometrics.

Discover how expert consulting services combined with powerful assessment technologies yield effective real-world solutions for regulatory compliance, certification program management, channel verification and successful learning outcomes. 

Questionmark Consulting Services... ​...enable you to:
  • ​Integration
  • Strategic planning
  • Content development
  • Automation
  • Psychometric review
  • Test writing
  • Assessment program management
  • Business analytics

  • Accelerate time to deployment
  • Automate business processes
  • Fully integrate Questionmark with other systems
  • Ensure a cost-effective, successful deployment
  • Deploy valid, reliable and defensible tests
  • Align assessment with organizational goals ​

Accelerate time to deployment

When time is of the essence, Questionmark’s Consulting Services team can get your assessment system and content up and running—and fast. Questionmark’s services can work with you to strategically plan your deployment, install and configure your server, migrate your legacy content to your new platform, and work with you to produce new assessment content.  

Certified installation

Certified Installation, a Questionmark deployment verified to be appropriate for the environment by Questionmark’s Technical Support team, helps ensure a timely, smooth and successful deployment of your assessment management system.

Certified Installation is available for:

  • Installation of Questionmark  OnPremise
  • Upgrading from previous versions to the latest version
  • Installation of Connectors for integration of Questionmark with other systems

Options for certified installations:

  • Collaboration certification: work with a Questionmark technician to go through a planned and orderly process of installation and configuration, a service that delivered in four defined steps:
    • Kick-off
    • Discovery
    • Installation
    • Acceptance and communications
  • Certification by inspection after installation: grant access to a Questionmark technician to check the settings and configuration of your installation.

Benefits of certified installation:

  • Expert guidance for rapid deployment or upgrade of your assessment management system
  • Ensures key stakeholders are informed and engaged in the deployment process
  • Learn helpful tips and avoid common mistakes
  • Documented installation plan that helps speed resolution of technical questions and inform stakeholders

Automate business processes

We help you work more efficiently by providing self-registration systems and automating assessment administration and delivery. We can also provide customized and push reporting systems that enable you to analyse assessment results and deliver reports in ways that are most suitable for your organisation. Custom administration modules help you automate scheduling and synchronize participant management with your other internal systems.

Integrate Questionmark with other systems

Integrating your assessment management system with other key enterprise systems can yield tremendous benefits such as streamlining processes, simplified administration and improved security. Through our longtime support of industry standards, web services APIs, and “connectors”, Questionmark can provides a variety of ways to seamlessly integrate Questionmark with your LMS/CMS systems. Questionmark Consulting Services take the guesswork out executing effective integrations such as:

  • Single Sign-On
  • Launch and track
  • Automate assessment scheduling
  • Synchronize result records between Questionmark and your data warehouse. 

Services like these solidify the connection between assessments and the enterprise, helping you deliver the right data to the right people at the right time.

Turnkey assessment solutions

If you do not have the in-house expertise or personnel, we can provide you with a full-service assessment solution. Our expertise in creating, delivering and reporting on assessments can serve you well. Questionmark consultants can help you design,create and deploy your assessments or create items and assessments for you. You can help ensure the quality as well as the efficiency of your assessment program by working with Questionmark Consulting Services. Test development, psychometric services, defensibility audits and data mining are among the many ways in which we can help ensure that your assessments meet organizational goals as well as regulatory requirements. For organizations transitioning to a new assessment delivery environment, we also offer quick, reliable turnkey assessment solutions.

Strategic implementation planning

Enterprise customers new to Questionmark benefit from expert guidance on how to optimally deploy their assessment management system. Questionmark Consulting Services offers strategic implementation planning to help new enterprise customers optimally deploy their assessment management system. An implementation consultant facilitates important decisions about hardware, users permissions, item bank organizations, server configuration, reporting security and many other issues. This service is ideal for medium to large organizations, especially when different functions or divisions are going to be using the system.

People sync

Combining and integrating systems makes organizations more efficient. Being able to automatically transfer data from one system to another cuts data entry and reduces the potential for errors. That’s why Questionmark Consulting has created a solution that automatically synchronizes Questionmark participant records with human resources, learning and other management systems. This application is ideal for handling high-volume, frequently changing data about assessment participants.

 Learn more about this solution... (PDF)

Questionmark Live: item writing workshop

We help you set up item writing or can run and facilitate workshops using our Questionmark Live system to allow remote stakeholders to work together to create and review items.

Audit existing assessments

If you are conducting a high-stakes certification test or screening prospective employees, you want to be sure your tests are valid, reliable and defensible. We can audit assessment programs and evaluate them on specific criteria (e.g. best practices and assessment industry guidelines). Defensibility audits identify the strong and weak points of your existing assessments and provide suggestions for remediation and future goals.

Collect business intelligence

Do you need to determine the return on investment of a given training program, analyse on-the-job performance differences or predict employee performance? Questionmark Consulting Services can analyse assessment results against specific sets of metrics to help you measure the impact of your efforts.

Consulting onsite or at a distance

Deployment and integration assistance is available by telephone or onsite. Telephone assistance is recommended for customers with small pilot programs or tight budgets.