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Webinar Recording – Building a Certification Program in 10 Easy Steps

Certification programs are a vital way of recognizing knowledge, skills and professional expertise, but, during a time of digital transformation, how do you build a program that is sustainable and adaptable to the evolving needs of your organization, stakeholders and the market?

John Kleeman, Questionmark Founder and Assessment Expert; Sue Martin, Certification Expert and Business Consultant; and Kristin Bernor, Head of External Relations and Board of Directors for ITCC, have just the answer to that! In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll gain invaluable advice as they walk you through the key steps you should strategically take to ensure you build a comprehensive and cohesive certification program that aligns with your organizational goals and stakeholders.

The session covers key steps to building a certification program including:

  1. Defining the business objectives and the scope of your certification program
  2. Methods for approaching test design, development and piloting
  3. Security; identifying risks and mitigation considerations
  4. Blueprint and design and test development
  5. Vendor evaluation; controlling the process to identify partners

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