What's new in Questionmark OnDemand Release 2014.1?

Powerful new delivery, reporting and analytics features

The latest release of Questionmark OnDemand includes several new analytics and reporting enhancements:

  • Job Task Analysis question type and reports

  • New OData feeds available in OData API for Analytics (see below)

  • New analytics reports and filtering options

Job Task Analysis question type and reporting

Job Task Analysis (JTA) surveys are used to analyze what tasks within a job role are most important. They are often used to construct and validate certification programs, to ensure that the questions being asked are relevant to the job. Job Task Analysis questions can now be authored in Questionmark Live and delivered and reported on via Questionmark OnDemand.
Participant View:
Job Task Analysis

New reports and filtering options in Questionmark Analytics

New reports
  • Results export report - The Results export report offers customers the ability to export the results from an assessment to a comma-separated ASCII file for use in a spreadsheet or statistics package.
  • JTA summary report - The JTA summary report provides the total percentage and number of participants that have selected each task, dimension, and choice in Job Task Analysis (JTA) questions filtered by demographic information.
  • ​JTA dimension by demographic report - The JTA dimension by demographic report provides summarized results for Job Task Analysis (JTA) questions from a selected assessment, with the results grouped by task, dimension, and demographic data (i.e., special field data).
New Analytics report filtering options
Report Filtering - New Options

New OData feeds: set your data free!

Questionmark's API for Analytics, based on the OData protocol, provides secure access to assessment results data, enabling administrators to provide access to results via custom dashboards or to analyze them using business intelligence applications.

Odata API

Fourteen feeds that can be accessed via the OData API:
  • Participants
  • Groups
  • Results
  • Questions
  • Choices
  • Answers
  • Topics
  • Topic Scores
  • Outcomes
  • Assessments
  • Assessment Question Links​
  • JTADimensions*
  • JTAPoints*
  • JTAAnswers*

*New in Release 2014.1

Video tutorials on using the OData API to create custom reports

Enhanced security and FIPS compliance

Questionmark OnDemand 2014.1 introduces a number of changes to the cryptographic algorithms used for security. All code featuring cryptographic algorithms that are not approved by FIPS has been deprecated. FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) is a set of standards developed by the U.S. federal government that defines security requirements for products that implement cryptography.