What's new in Questionmark OnDemand?

New features in reporting and analytics

The latest release of Questionmark OnDemand includes several new analytics and reporting enhancements:

  • OData API for Analytics (see below)
  • The new Assessment content report, which provides reporting and analysis for review
  • Results Assessments
  • Item Analysis Report enhancements, including:
    • Option to ignore question and assessment revisions when running the report
    • Ability to analyze answers to dichotomously-scored questions that have a maximum score of greater than 1
    • Support for Multiple Response, Matching, and Raking question types,
    • Detailed information about excluded questions
  • A new Questionmark Analytics Product Guide

OData feeds: set your data free!

Questionmark's OData API is a RESTful data service based on the Open Data Protocol that can be used to retrieve result data from a user's Results Warehouse. OData feeds, based on the Open Data Protocol for querying and updating data, make it possible for customers to use their preferred applications– such as Excel, Tableau or Crystal Reports – to analyze assessment data. OData provides flexible access to data and easy harvesting of business intelligence, data analysis and visualization. Freeing data in this way enables organization to tailor assessment reports to their particular requirements: administrators can use standard tools to create dashboards for instant, real-time views of assessment results.

Odata API
The following video demonstrates one example of how you can access your results via OData feeds for analysis in a third-party analytics tool:

Eleven feeds that can be accessed via the OData API:
  • Participants
  • Groups
  • Results
  • Questions
  • Choices
  • Answers
  • Topics
  • Topic Scores
  • Outcomes
  • Assessments
  • Assessment Question Links​

Enhancements to mobile delivery: responsive design

This release provides new, improved support for delivery of assessments to mobile devices, incorporating the latest responsive design technologies into our assessment templates and device drivers.
Other mobile delivery enhancements include:
  • Drag and Drop and Hotspot question types now work in assessments taken from an iPad or iPhone or Android devices
  • Flash questions now work on all Flash-enabled mobile devices Blended delivery using responsive web design technologies
Enhancements to mobile delivery: responsive design

Highlight and strike-through within question delivery

Administrators and authors now have the option of enabling participants to “highlight” text within the stimulus and to “strike through” choices.

Full support for right-to-left delivery

Adding to Questionmark’s multilingual assessment capabilities, Questionmark’s delivery engine now provides full support for languages that required right-to-left display of text. (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew).Right to left delivery