Webinar: What's New in Questionmark Perception Version 5?

February 2010

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The ability to auto-sense user interfaces of all types and auto-size assessments to fit them takes the guesswork out of blended delivery and enables you to administer a single assessment to mobile devices, blogs, wikis, portals and other environments yet manage results centrally. See this month's Tech Tip for details, and sign up for our Web seminar about this and many other features in the newest version of Questionmark Perception.

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This issue of Questionmark News includes:

  1. Webinar: What's New in Questionmark Perception Version 5?
  2. Best Practices, Case Studies, Tech Training Highlight Full Conference Program
  3. Case Study: Automated Scheduling of Online Learning Modules and Tests
  4. On-Demand Assessment Management: Try it Out!
  5. Blog Highlights: Validity, Accessibility, Conference Close-up
  6. New Training Course: Customizing the Participant Interface
  7. Tech Tip: Auto-sensing and Auto-sizing for Easy Blended Delivery to Multiple Devices

Webinar: What's New in Questionmark Perception Version 5?

Our newest Web seminar will give you an overview and demonstration of these and many other new features in Questionmark Perception version 5:

  • Auto-sensing, auto-sizing for delivery to different devices
  • Outstanding participant experience and easy navigation
  • Accessibility tools
  • An optional Translation Management System
  • Participant facing software in 20 language
  • Enhanced security and scalability

Whether you are planning your migration from Perception version 4 or are just starting out, this webinar will guide you to essential support and self-help resources. Choose from multiple dates and times.

Visit www.questionmark.com/us/seminars to sign up for any Web seminar of your choice, including:

Introduction to Questionmark Live: Browser-Based Authoring for Subject Matter Experts

February 17th at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Beyond Multiple Choice: Nine Ways to Leverage Technology for Better Assessments

February 18th 3:00 p.m. Eastern time

Introduction to Questionmark Perception for Beginners:

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Best Practices, Case Studies, Tech Training Highlight Conference Program

Questionmark Perception users are gearing up for three fully packed days of learning when they gather in Miami March 14 -17. Dr. David Metcalf will present " Assessments on the Move: Mobility, Mashups and More" during his keynote address. Customer presentations will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Integrating Perception and SAP for Employment Testing
  • Strategies and Best Practices for High-Stakes Testing
  • Establishing a Broad National Accreditation Network Based on Questionmark
  • Distributing the Workload and Increasing Accessibility with Questionmark Live
  • Questionmark in Dental Education
  • Perfecting the Test through Question Analysis

Best practice sessions will cover such topics as making assessments more accessible, conducting assessment validity studies, understanding item and test analysis analytics, and creating assessments that measure skill and ability as well as knowledge.

There's also a full line-up of technical training sessions covering basic and advanced authoring techniques, analyzing assessment results, integrating Questionmark Perception with other systems, and other topics.

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Case Study: Automatic Scheduling of Online Learning Modules and Tests

Fitzgerald Health Education Associates, Inc. helps nurse practitioners, advanced practice and ambulatory care nurses achieve certification through review courses prior to their exams. The company also helps them maintain professional competence provides pharmacology and pathophysiology coursework and testing services for universities. Questionmark Consulting Services helped FHEA develop a process for managing and synchronizing participant records so that when customers purchase assessments from FHEA’s Web store, they are automatically scheduled for on-line learning modules and post-tests.

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On-Demand Assessment Management: Try it Out!

It's easier than ever to try out Questionmark On-Demand Assessment Management Solutions . You can see what it's like to use Perception's comprehensive assessment authoring, scheduling, delivery and reporting capabilities without worrying about hardware, upgrades, and maintenance expenses.

  • Run one-off or short-term assessment projects
  • Rapidly deploy assessments without worrying about the hardware
  • Enjoy high availability, reliability, and scalability of Questionmark’s D3 Platform
  • Gain access to expert and experienced support staff
  • Run assessments in a secure environment
  • Start small, with plenty of room to grow
  • 24/7 Support available

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Blog Highlights: Validity, Accessibility, Reducing Fraud

The Questionmark blog offers frequent fresh perspectives that will keep you up to date with best practices as well as company news. In the past month we have covered these and many other topics:

  • Assessment Validity: New Perspectives from Dr. Bruno D. Zumbo
  • Assessment Accessibility in Questionmark Perception Version 5
  • Embedding Perception Assessments in Facebook
  • Assessments that Measure Knowledge, Skill & Ability

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New Training Course: Customizing the Participant Interface

A special two-day training course will help focus on the expanded capabilities of the completely new participant-facing interface in Questionmark Perception version 5. This course is ideal for experienced Perception users responsible for ensuring that the participant interface conforms to organizational style guidelines and suits participants' needs.

Attendees will learn about tools, techniques and best practices for customizing the interface templates, then apply what they've learned through hands-on exercises based on the needs of real-world Perception users. The course will take place March 18 and 19, right after the Questionmark Users Conference: conference participants are eligible for a reduced registration rate. See details about this and other Questionmark training courses


Tech Tip: Auto-Sensing and Auto-Sizing for Easy Blended Delivery

The ability of Questionmark Perception Version 5 to auto-sense user interfaces and auto-size assessments to suit them makes it easy to deliver assessments on many portable devices. These include:

  • Apple iPhone/iPod Touch®
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile® devices
  • RIM Blackberry® devices

Perception can detect which device is being used and can choose the optimum display format for each. However, it is important to select suitable question types and appropriate graphics.

Click here for a Questionmark blog post that includes a brief video tutorial that will help you take advantage of auto-sensing and auto-sizing,

Questionmark Software Support Plan customers can find more details, including a list of compatible questions types, within the following Knowledge Base article.

Can I deliver assessments on portable devices? What mobile devices can I use to deliver an assessment?