Webinar Recording: Translating test items: There's more to it than meets the eye!

Globalization and innovative web technologies have removed geographic boundaries and opened new opportunities for awarding bodies, technology certification programs and credentialing organizations. However, with these opportunities come new challenges: How do you localize items and assessments so they will reliably measure knowledge, skills and abilities across multiple languages and cultures?

Presented by Steve Dept, CEO of cApStAn, leading provider of linguistic quality assurance services, and John Kleeman, Executive Director and Founder of Questionmark, this webinar will help you understand good practice so that your tests measure the same thing in other languages and cultures. We will explore both strategic and procedural issues that must be considered in undertaking an assessment localization project and offer some tips and strategies for anticipating and overcoming common pitfalls. Finally, the session will provide a brief overview of some of the technologies and services available to manage the translation and test items and assessment.

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60 minutes