Questionmark Conference 2019: Cost Justification and ROI

Users conference cost justification and ROI

Professional development opportunity including product training sessions, best practice tips, peer discussions and case studies
  • Questionmark experts teach participants how to use software effectively 
  • Industry experts share best practices
  • Specialized training sessions on specific aspects of the software
Write better assessments
  • Detailed instruction to improve and update assessment authoring skills
  • Session using analytical and psychometric tools in medium- and high-stakes environments
  • Learn principles of assessment defensibility
  • Basic session on writing effective questions and tests
Improved return on investment: get the most out your technology investment
  • Learn to use Questionmark technologies more efficiently and effectively
  • Tap into the expertise of the Questionmark techs and consultants
  • Influence future product development by meeting with product managers
Product roadmap
  • Plan ahead for upcoming Questionmark technologies and services
  • Influence the development of new features 
  • Stay up to date with emerging trends and technologies
Customer case studies, networking opportunities, informal customer roundtables, and interactive ideas exchanges
  • Learn about recent Questionmark Perception implementations
  • Discover strategies that have helped other Perception users save time and money using online assessments 
  • Understand effective techniques for assessment authoring, scheduling, delivery and reporting
  • Share ideas with colleagues working on similar projects 
  • Compare your organization’s practices with those of your peers 
  • Take new, innovative techniques back to work with you
Future solutions
  • Explain what you need from your assessment software
  • Gain a deeper understanding of key concepts or technology 
  • Attend one-on-one or small group sessions with Questionmark product managers, who are looking for guidance about future Perception features 
Face time
  • There is no substitute for face-to-face meetings
  • Learn from Questionmark management, technical experts, assessment industry experts and Questionmark product managers
  • Get new ideas by networking with fellow learning professionals 
Best practices for medium and high-stakes tests
  • Master the principles of reliability and validity 
  • Approach compliance issues with confidence
  • Learn to create defensible assessments
Take-home resources
  • You'll take home a conference notebook with presentation handouts, white papers and information sheets
Excellent value
  • Where else can you learn so much in such a short time?

Conference ROI toolkit

We know it can be challenging to persuade management that the benefits of attending a conference can more than make up for the costs. The information you will take back to work should more than justify the expense, but how can you explain this to others?

Our conference ROI toolkit can help you do this by providing:

Demonstrating your return on investment

A Questionmark users conference participant has used the following five-step process to quantify the potential benefits of attending the conference and demonstrate that the value of participation exceeded the cost.

  1. Determine your costs: What is the cost of your participation, including registration fees, travel expenses and time away from work? Consider the tangible value you can achieve from being at the conference. Will this value meet or exceed your costs?
  2. Pick high-value targets: Explore assessment-related issues in your organization that need to be addressed and identify where you can make your organization's administration of Questionmark more efficient. Then see what conference sessions will help you address those issues. Choose those that will give you information you can take back and put into practice.
  3. Monetize the targets: Estimate how much each of these issues is costing your organization—and how much it would take to develop the ability to address them yourself. How many hours would it take? What would that cost?
  4. Gain agreement: Share the information you have gathered with your sponsoring organization. Show that your cost estimates are sound and get their agreement that the sessions you want to attend will provide relevant,
    actionable results that will help solve the issues you have identified. Show that the conference is the best-cost option versus other alternatives.
  5. Deliver on agreements: At the conference, follow through on your plan, being willing to change it if you feel the change will better help you meet your goals. Let your expected results drive your decisions about where you should invest your time. Post-conference, report back to your sponsors about the specific actions you are implementing as a result of your attendance. If there are additional benefits from the conference that you hadn’t anticipated, tell your sponsors about them, too!