Questionmark Conference 2019: Call for Proposals

What will you bring with you to San Diego?
Some experience  to share? Or something you'd like to discuss?   
  • All presenters will be invited to a special pre-conference dinner on Tuesday evening, February 26
  • We also provide one 50% registration discount per case study
  • If accepted, presenters are asked to make handouts available for download by conference attendees

Presentation Opportunity: Assessments in Practice

Should you propose a case study? If any of these statements apply to you, please consider it!

  • Your experience with Questionmark technologies will help others
  • You have found innovative ways to use online assessments
  • You can explain how you organized your assessment program and what you learned
  • You have gained a lot from previous conferences and want to contribute in 2018
What would you like to talk about? Any assessment-related subject that interests you and that you think others care about too is worth suggesting as a discussion topic!  


  "Assessments in Practice " proposal form (Microsoft Word Document)

Important Dates:
Proposals are due by: Friday, November 2nd
We will contact you about the status of your proposal by: Friday, December 14th

Submit Proposals (or ask questions):