Technologies for selling tests

Profit from your assessments

Textbook companies, professional associations, awarding bodies and other test publishers can streamline individual and bulk sales of online quizzes and tests saved in a Questionmark Perception repository.

Technologies for selling tests builds upon Questionmark comprehensive assessment management system, providing a customizable, web-based catalog system that enables content owners to select assessments in their Perception repository and "sell" access via an ecommerce transaction or via a "bulk" purchase:

  • For individual or "retail" transactions, web pages can link directly to each catalog item, launching a simple, secure shopping cart mechanism for customers to purchase access to the desired test.
  • For bulk or "wholesale" transactions, the catalog enables content owners to provide a purchasing organization limited, secure assessment administrative credits for the desired assessments.

How it works: "retail" online sale of tests

Test publisher

  • Create assessments using Questionmark authoring tools
  • Log in to your catalog system
  • Choose assessments to put in your catalog
  • Set up access rules, cost per test and email templates
  • Link to your catalog item from your web site
  • View transaction logs for all your assessments

Test taker

  • Click on a link to purchase your assessment
  • Purchase via simple, secure shopping cart
  • Receive a confirmation email
  • Log in and take your assessment
  • Receive feedback and/or score as determined by the publisher

How it works: "wholesale" sale of tests

Test publisher

  • Create assessments using Questionmark authoring tools
  • Use browser-based catalog application to catalog which assessments you want to sell
  • Allocate administrative credits to desired assessments to purchasing organization

Test purchaser

  • Use browser-based application to view purchased assessment administrative credits
  • Create assessment schedule and email notification for participants
  • Issue certificates and reports after participants have completed an assessment


Publishers and awarding bodies can easily catalog, sell and deliver tests via the Web:

  • Secure content and results
  • Self-registration and automated scheduling
  • Online payment processing for your customers to purchase assessments
  • Customizable: can be branded to  your organization
  • Easy-to-maintain assessment catalog system
  • Customizable email templates for automated communication of schedules and login details
  • Freedom from dealing with hardware and infrastructure
  • Software that is always up to date


Solutions powered by Questionmark Perception

Test publisher solutions are available as an optional enhancement to on-demand deployments of Questionmark Perception.

Questionmark™ Perception™ provides test publishers and awarding bodies with an Open Assessment Platform™ for authoring, scheduling, delivering, and reporting on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams.

Solutions powered by Questionmark Perception

State-of-the-art infrastructure powers Questionmark's on-demand solutions

Questionmark’s infrastructure provides a reliable and scalable platform for running assessment solutions. Questionmark manages the Internet connectivity, air-conditioning, security, load balancing, availability, monitoring, database management, storage management, database backups, capacity planning, and more, so that you can focus on managing your assessments.

Questionmark’s hosting environment of is located in a state-of-the-art data center with SAS 70 Type II certification. The SAS70 Type II certification is one of the most stringent auditing standards for service companies, verifying that the providers deliver fully secure, reliable, effective operating environments with the proper controls for conducting high availability IT and Internet operations. Third party auditors conduct annually the SAS70 Type II audit, which requires meticulous reviews and tests of the data center’s operational procedures and controls. The facility is equipped with: N+1 redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units and generators that protect all systems from power surges and power outages; and an N+1 redundant air conditioning system that maintains a constant 65 degrees F, 18.3 degrees C, for the safe and suitable operation of servers.