Scotiabank’s Electronic Banking Contact Centers & Questionmark

Company Background

Founded in 1832 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Scotiabank is one of North America’s premier financial institutions. As Canada’s most international bank, the Scotiabank Group serves more than 10 million customers in some 50 countries in the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.


3-SOFT is a leading software services provider. We recruit technical people who need to prove their ability on various software products as well as taking typical HR tests such as quality ranking and motivational assessments. We recruit everyone from programmers to network administrators and database administrators for a wide range of clients. Rather than basing people's performance ratings on standard certification exams, we wanted to create our own tests. We previously gave paper tests but purchased Questionmark for Windows in 1995 to avoid the hassle of grading tests. 

We now use Questionmark. Each test includes a proportion of easy, moderate, and difficult questions so that scores will more accurately reflect each person's proficiency

Knowledge Reality Check

In 1998, Scotiabank began using Questionmark at the Toronto Contact Centre. Progressively, the online assessment program expanded to all three locations. Now known to Contact Centre employees as the Knowledge Reality Check (KRC) Program, accessed via a Sharepoint portal, KRC is the primary source for all assessment activities. From here, employees can:

  • Access Post Training evaluations, monthly and regular product quizzes, and more complex case studies
  • View a complete Inventory of current assessments available
  • Review various Tools, for example, User Guides, FAQs, monthly articles, etc. created for each specific KRC user, including Managers, Trainers and Administrators
  • Access Transcript and Coaching Reports for individual participants

The KRC program offers over 200 assessments from a database with more than 7,000 questions to 2 distinct user groups:

  1. New hires complete a series of Level 1 evaluations at designated intervals, as well as various Level 2 evaluations at the end of core training modules.
  2. Existing employees complete assessments for refinement and sustainment of knowledge on an ongoing, as needed basis.

In addition, Level 3 questionnaires are completed for select programs throughout the year in support of an internal Return on Investment process. Employees also participate in preference surveys that are presented, administered and tracked using the Questionmark platform.

Assessment Fundamental to Learning Strategy

Questionmark is fundamental to the Contact Center's learning strategy. It provides the Contact Centers with a way to embed the company’s commitment to measuring training effectiveness while at the same time gaining administrative efficiencies. A small team of training evaluation specialists manages the program, and instructional designers familiar with curriculum and ongoing changes oversee the maintenance and creation of questions.

In 2005, Scotiabank established the framework for training evaluation for its learning community. The Electronic Banking Contact Centers have been able to easily align to corporate goals using Questionmark to automate evaluations, reporting and trending of training effectiveness.