Reporting - Analysis of Participant Results

Score list report

The score list report provides ability to view the scores achieved by participants on a particular assessment. The score list report can be run against any non-survey assessment type (i.e., text, exam, or quiz).  

The report provides three different "views" of participant scores on an assessment:  overall assessment scores; topic-level breakdown of scores; and item-level breakdown of scores. Some of the notable features within this report include: 

  • Aggregation table to let users make comparisons between groups of participants
  • Ability to group participants by demographic ("special field") values
  • Ability to choose which fields are used as participant identifiers
  • Score Band distribution charts to support visual comparisons between groups
  • Sortable tables to make quick comparisons between participants and groups
  • Onscreen controls to show or hide tables and to make comparisons between different levels of content: assessment scores, topic score, and item scores.

Score List Report

Coaching report

Allows you to select a single participant and assessment, and then see detailed information, including the answers and scores for each question. The information contained within this report helps coach individuals through their learning curves. View an example of the Coaching report

  • Help participants understand assessment results in detail
  • Provide one-on-one feedback that guides learning and remediates knowledge gaps
  • Customizable filters, labels, layout and design to enable meaningful analysis and communication of results.
  • Distribution via browser, email, PDF, Word, Excel and print.
  • Batch processing to rapidly create groups of reports based on administrator-defined filter criteria.
  • Graphs a participant’s performance in relation to administrator-defined benchmarks and group averages

Grade Book and Transcript Reports

Grade Book Report: View and calculate final grades based on several assessments. This report includes the feature to weight individual test scores to contribute more or less to the final grade.

  • Quickly and accurately calculate final grades based on multiple assessment results
  • flexible controls enable instructors to assign specific weights to each assessment

Transcript Report: Shows the results of assessments for a single participant. 

  • Provides participants an overview of their performance over multiple assessments.
  • Get a high level view participant’s knowledge and skills.

Analytics report filtering and output options

The Analytics tab in the user interface provides direct access to several reports with a variety of filtering (e.g. by group, date range, demographics) and distribution options (e.g., browser, CSV, PDF).

Questionmark Analytics: Select assessment to report on; set filters; choose distribution method