Questionmark Conference 2017: Session Description

Track: Features and Functions

Title: Secure Authentication: Single sign-on for Questionmark

Presenter: Bart Hendrickx, Product Manager for Portal, Questionmark


With Software as a Service and multiple service providers being the standard nowadays, organizations want to make sure their users can log on securely to all those applications.

Single Sign-On (SSO) enables you to manage authentication in one place so that your users can access applications using a central login.

In this session, you will learn which SSO options Questionmark supports and the business benefits of using SSO. We will pay extra attention to the SAML protocol and its advantages. 

This session will appeal to people with varying levels of experience, and no previous knowledge of this topic is required. However, some familiarity with web services and XML will help participants understand the technical aspects of the presentation.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand which Single Sign-On options exist for Questionmark
  • Review the advantages of the SAML protocol
  • Evaluate which options work best in your organization

Recommended Experience Level:  


Relevant Job Roles

  • IT Manager
  • IT Administrator
  • Security Officer