Questionmark Conference 2016: Session Description

Track: Applying Best Practices

Title: Capturing Demographics When Delivering Assessments

Presenters: Scott Thacher, Product Manager for Dashboard and Reports, and Rick Ault, Trainer, Questionmark


Many assessment research questions involve comparisons between subgroups in your participant population. Did one class score higher on average than another class? Did women respond differently than men on a survey item? These types of questions require us to collect demographic information about our participants.

In this session, we will demonstrate how to use Questionmark to create demographic questions. These questions can be included on an assessment to allow participants to self-report demographic variables that can be used for reporting or statistical analysis. We will also look at some Questionmark Analytics reports that are designed to leverage demographic data for course evaluations, job task analyses, and score reporting.

Learning objectives:

  • Create a demographic question in Questionmark.
  • Recall the number of demographic variables that can be recorded for each assessment result.
  • Use at least one Analytics report to compare results between multiple demographic groups.

Recommended Experience Level:

  • Beginner and Intermediate

Relevant Job Roles

  • Test managers
  • Item writers
  • Instructors