Questionmark Conference 2017: Session Description

Track: Features and Functions

Title: The Power of Open: A deep dive into OData and the Open Assessment Platform

Presenter:  Steve Lay, Product Manager for Delivery and Integrations, Questionmark


This session will provide an overview of integrating with the Questionmark platform, including standards support such as SCORM, AICC and LTI. It will also take a detailed look at the new OData APIs available in Questionmark OnDemand and provide a refresher on our established QMWISe SOAP-based service. Integrations will be illustrated using case studies and sample applications. This is your chance to learn about an array of possibilities for using Questionmark in conjunction with other systems.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the new APIs available with Questionmark OnDemand and get ideas for how to use them in your own projects
  • Learn about the new Open Assessment Platform documentation, how to use it and how to provide feedback
  • Get going with an integration project

Recommended Experience Level:

  • Intermediate

 Relevant Job Roles:

  • Integration specialists