Questionmark Conference 2017: Session Description

Track: Assessments in Practice

Title: Certifying Services-Oriented Associates at PetSmart

Presenter: Mike Kuret, Systems Analyst, PetSmart, Inc.


Most of PetSmart’s associates are on the frontlines, in our 1,500+ stores. PetSmart employs more than 50,000 associates across North America and in Asia. At the heart of our store operations is providing products and services for pet parents and their pets. Critical to that offering is ensuring a widely dispersed associate base that directly provides services to pets (our grooming salon associates, boarding and day camp associates, and pet trainers). These individuals are consistently trained on safety practices, and that their skills are evaluated before they can handle pets. Through a combination of testing and observational assessments, PetSmart has implemented a two-point assessment process for these service-oriented job functions:

1. Validating each associate’s knowledge through tests focused on terminology and policy specific to their job role.

 2. Having a designated leader observe each associate performing job-related activities This ensures that the associate has the skill to do the job…while holding the leader accountable for endorsing the associate’s ability.

Both assessments are fed into a data warehouse that reports on the status of associates. The data warehouse is accessible to all associates for monitoring and action.

Session Objectives:

  • See how a largely-disbursed workforce manages consistent certification processes of services associates.
  • Learn how PetSmart has used a two-point assessment process to certify employees in service-oriented jobs
  • Discover how you can use observational assessments to test employees on the job Learn how to analyze and share your assessment results

Target Audience:

  • Business/Corporate

Audience’s Experience Level:

  • Beginner/Novice