Questionmark Conference 2017: Session Description

Track: Assessments in Practice

Title: How PG&E’s Move to the Cloud Has Streamlined Assessments

Presenter: Jeff Wagner, Test & Assessment Strategist, Principal, Pacific Gas and Electric Company


Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s migration to Questionmark OnDemand has increased system uptime, enabled us to test offsite (outside the PG&E firewall and network) and improved browser compatibility. Having moved our installation from OnPremise to OnDemand, we anticipate a reduction in infrastructure and operational costs as well as quicker access to new Questionmark features and functionality.

This case study will focus on three key aspects of our successful move to the cloud:

  • The migration process, collaborating with Questionmark from start to finish 
  • Implementation of the SAP connector with SAP My Learning, which has helped us reduce administrative work such as scheduling assessments and has allowed us to  provide assessment scores to participants in real time
  • Mobile delivery of assessments, which has reduced our dependency on paper and decreased administrative overhead associated with scanning. It has improved instructor safety and ergonomics through quicker setup and teardown. Transporting lighter devices has also increased safety by posing fewer tripping hazards than those that occur with hard-wired laptops. We will demonstrate how we use iPads to deliver assessments. 

Session Objectives:

  • Understand what is required to migrate from OnPremise to OnDemand.
  • Learn how PG&E implemented the SAP Connector to deliver assessments through our learning management system.
  • See how iPads are used to deliver Questionmark assessments.

Target Audience:

  • Anyone

Audience's Experience Level:

  • Content relevant regardless of experience