Questionmark Conference 2017: Session Description

Track: Applying Best Practices

Title: Identifying the Knowledge Gap

Presenter: Jim Parry, Owner and Chief Executive Manager of Compass Consultants, LLC


 We hear discussions that refer to “the knowledge gap” of students or employees. Many times, it is in the context of “We have identified a knowledge gap with graduates of …” or “There appears to be a knowledge gap among employees who work on the ….”

 So, what is this elusive knowledge gap and how is/was it identified? Or, better yet, how can we fix the knowledge gap?

 Learning objectives:

  • Understand the meaning of “knowledge gap”
  • Distinguish between a general perceived knowledge gap and a specific knowledge gap
  • Distinguish between “expected passing score” and “achievable passing score”
  • Identify three methods of setting a fair, defensible, achievable passing score.

 Audience Experience Level:

  • Intermediate to advanced

Relevant Job Roles:

  • Instructors
  • Test item developers
  • Test/Assessment developers
  • Assessment Program Manager
  • Training Administrators