Questionmark Conference 2017: Session Description

Track: Applying Best Practices


Using Surveys to Get Meaningful Results

Presenter: John Kleeman, Chairman, Questionmark


How do you create online surveys to measure attitudes effectively and bring your organization meaningful results? This session is an update of a popular session from the 2016 conference.

 Get good practice tips backed up by research evidence on authoring surveys, and see how Questionmark technologies can help you measure attitudes more effectively.

 Here’s what one attendee said last year: “This was the best session of the conference so far. I work with surveys regularly and the content focused on helping improve my understanding of the theory behind survey design. It was very applicable and well delivered. Thank you so much!!!”

 Learning objectives:

  • Understand what influences people answering attitude surveys
  • Write more effective survey questions
  • Limit “satisficing,” where participants take shortcuts or select a response without adequate thought
  • Use key capabilities in Questionmark authoring, delivery and reporting to create and deliver effective surveys

 Recommended Experience Level:

  • All

 Relevant Job Roles:

Those writing course evaluation, employee attitude and other surveys in learning, compliance and certification that seek to measure opinions and attitudes.