Questionmark Conference 2017: Session Description

Track: Applying Best Practices

Title: Freeze! Distinguishing Between Good Security Policy and Bad Assumptions

Presenters: Nikki Eatchel, SVP of Assessment for Scantron; Sue Steinkamp, VP of Assessment Development and Psychometrics for Scantron


The issue of assessment security is often an extremely heated one, with security issues within the global assessment arena making the news on a regular basis. An interesting result of the increased spotlight on security is the variety of approaches undertaken to develop security programs. As happens with a sudden, intense level of scrutiny, the various approaches to addressing security range from the overly minimal to the extremely excessive. And while a good security program requires strong software security, it also involves the development of security protocols for your entire assessment development and maintenance process. This session will review the important components of a security approach that neither under-protects nor overly burdens the teams involved in your assessment administration, scoring, and reporting.

Learning objectives:

  • Review the types and frequency of common security concerns
  • Describe the various security procedures and the frequency with which those procedures are known to reduce security issues (the return on investment)
  • Outline critical components of security throughout assessment design, development, reporting, and maintenance process

Recommended Experience Level:

  • All

Relevant Job Roles:

  • Those managing or responsible for Questionmark systems