Questionmark Unveils New System for Managing Results of Tests and Exams

Results Management System’s Comprehensive Analysis, Editing and Publishing Capabilities Help Ensure Fair, Valid, Reliable and Defensible Assessments

Joan Phaup

NORWALK, CT -- March 10 , 2008 -- Questionmark™, a leading provider of assessment technologies and services, today announced the release of its new Results Management System (RMS), an application that enables psychometricians and assessment administrators to analyze and edit results before they are finalized and shared with stakeholders.

The RMS works in conjunction with Questionmark™ Perception™, an assessment management system that enables learning professionals to create, deliver and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. Awarding bodies that deliver medium- to high-stakes assessments, corporate training departments running internal certifications, and colleges and universities delivering summative exams, can now import results directly from a Perception repository, view item and test statistics, drop or change questions and pass scores, check the results, and then publish them into a locked-down format when ready.

“In a perfect world, all assessments would be fair, reliable and valid,” commented Questionmark CEO Eric Shepherd. “All test takers would enter a test having received exactly the same level and quality of instruction. There would be no ambiguously worded questions. There would be no data entry errors resulting in mis-keyed choices. And candidates would never feel compelled to appeal the results of a test.

“But even when the soundest test development, administration, and scoring procedures are used, there is always a possibility that circumstances within or beyond an organization’s control will warrant the review and potential modification of results to provide information and certificates that fairly reflect what was being measured. The RMS enables organizations to analyze, edit and publish assessment results in an informed and defensible way.”

The RMS provides fully integrated item and test statistics, enabling a complete view of how a test is performing. Questions with poor or borderline performance are flagged with color-coded icons, enabling the user to quickly spot potential problems.

Using standard web-browsers such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, RMS users may:

  • Review test items and drop, credit or alter scoring
  • Review test results and define a pass or cut score
  • Get a real-time preview of how proposed changes will impact overall item statistics and test reliability
  • Publish results into a flat file database for easy access by reporting tools
  • Maintain changes within an audit trail to aid legal defensibility

Complete details are available at

About Questionmark

Questionmark provides technologies and services that enable organizations to measure knowledge, skills and attitudes securely for certification, regulatory compliance and improved learning outcomes. Questionmark solutions enable reliable, valid and defensible assessments by empowering subject matter experts through collaborative authoring, accommodating participant needs with blended and multilingual delivery and informing stakeholders through timely reporting and meaningful analytics.

The Questionmark Perception assessment management system, available as a licensed, hosted or subscription-based solution, enables organizations to create, administer and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. Complete details are available at 

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