Questionmark SWAP: Sharing With Assessment Professionals

Questionmark SWAP: Sharing With Assessment Professionals


As the community of Question mark Perception users continues to grow, so does the volume of Perception-deliverable assessment content. Questionmark has always aimed to make it easy for learning professionals to write, schedule, deliver and report on assessments. Now Questionmark is making it it easier to share Perception-deliverable content with other Perception users.

Perception users come from organizations of all types and sizes, representing the academic, business, non-profit and government sectors. Membership in the Questionmark Community has always included opportunities to share best practices and lessons learned. Now it also includes the opportunity to share content.

The SWAP Service

SWAP -- or “ Sharing With Assessment Professionals” -- enables members of Questionmark Communities to publish and access assessment content. SWAP is a unique match-making and content-exchange program is available free-of-charge exclusively to users of Questionmark Perception. The service will be accessible by logging in to Communities and clicking on “My Content.” Users of SWAP My Content sign an agreement indicating their desire to share and/or retrieve assessment content. SWAP members may register as SWAP users, publishers, or both. Questionmark provides animated tutorials giving an overview the SWAP user registration, the content search and request process, the SWAP publisher registration publishing process, and content management.


Register as a user to search available questions and item banks. Some topics are available to all SWAP users. Access to other topics is at the discretion of the content owner or "publisher." The SWAP system enables you to easily submit a request to a publisher, who can enable your account access and download the assessment content.

Animated Tutorials

  • How to register as a SWAP User
  • How to search for assessment content


Register as a publisher to share your assessment content. The topic and description of your content will searchable in the My Content search engine. To post content, publishers may log into the SWAP repository using Questionmark Perception Authoring Manager (version 4.3 or higher) and simply drag-and-drop their questions and supporting resources into their topic folder. Publishers may maintain full control over who gains access to their content, or may opt to grant open access to all SWAP users.

Animated Tutorials

  • How to register as a SWAP Publisher
  • How to upload content to the SWAP repository
  • How to manage access to your content

Searching for Content

One registered as a user, you can search the database according to the type of content you require. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can use the SWAP online forum to let other members know what you need.

What do I need to participate in SWAP?

  • Be a current Software Support Plan (SSP) subscriber
  • Use Perception Authoring Manager 4.3 or higher
  • Register either as a 'user' or 'publisher'
  • Agree to the publisher and/or user license agreements

More Information

For more information, please send an email to: