Questionmark Secure Now Available for Use with iPad

Secure browser Provides New Delivery Options for High-stakes Testing

NORWALK, CT – August 14, 2013 – Assessment technologies and services provider Questionmark® today announced the release of Questionmark Secure for iPad, a free app available via the iTunes App store that provides additional security for delivery of medium and high stakes tests beyond what’s possible with traditional web browsers.

Questionmark Secure is a lock-down browser designed to help organizations provide secure environment in which to deliver high stakes assessments such as tests and exams. Delivering assessments via Questionmark Secure can help significantly reduce the risk of cheating when deployed along with other defenses to combat impersonation and content theft.

Previously available for Windows and Mac-based PCs, Questionmark Secure’s availability on the Apple iPad provides new options to organizations considering the use low-cost, highly portable tablets to deliver medium and high-stakes tests and exams.

Questionmark Secure helps prevent cheating on high-stakes exams delivered online by disabling functions that participants could use to print or copy exam material, 'accidentally' exiting a test, or gaining access to materials on their computers or the Internet that could give an unfair advantage. When a participant takes an online assessment using Questionmark Secure, the secure browser displays the HTML content of the assessment but disables key functions such as task-switching, right click options, screen captures, menus and printing.

Administrators scheduling test and exam delivery via Questionmark OnDemand or Questionmark Perception can require participants to use the Questionmark Secure app to access specific assessments. The Questionmark Secure app is a free download for participants taking tests and exams via Questionmark. The download available for iPad via the iTunes App store, for the Mac via the Mac App store, and for Windows via the Questionmark website.

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About Questionmark

Questionmark technologies and services enable organizations to measure knowledge, skills and attitudes for certification, regulatory compliance, successful learning outcomes, performance improvement and talent management. Questionmark’s assessment management system, available OnDemand or for on-premise deployment, enables collaborative, multilingual authoring; multiple delivery options including mobile devices; trustable results and comprehensive analytics that provide stakeholders valuable, actionable data.

Questionmark’s flexible APIs and support of major industry standards ensure interoperability with a variety of enterprise systems.  Questionmark OnDemand, a scalable, rapidly-deployable SaaS solution, offers 99.9+% uptime, available 24/7 support, and the peace-of-mind of a secure, Cybertrust-certified, SSAE 16 audited datacenter..

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