Questionmark Secure

Secure browser for online test and exam delivery via Windows, Mac, or Apple iPad

Secure Delivery to Minimize Cheating and Keep Your Assessments Safe

Questionmark Secure is a lock-down browser designed to help organizations provide secure environment in which to deliver high stakes assessments such as tests and exams. Delivering assessments via Questionmark Secure can help significantly reduce the risk of cheating when deployed along with other defenses to combat impersonation and content theft.

Why Questionmark Secure?

When you are delivering high-stakes tests and exams online, you need far more security than a web browser can provide. Questionmark Secure helps prevent cheating on high-stakes exams delivered online by disabling functions that participants could use to print or copy exam material, "accidentally" exiting a test, or gaining access to materials on their computers or the Internet that could give an unfair advantage.

Supported Platforms

The Questionmark Secure participant software is available for the following platforms

How Questionmark Secure Works

  • Stops people from printing questions
  • Stops people from typing in their own URL
  • Always displays in full screen and it’s not possible to maximize or minimize
  • Stops people starting a new task
  • Does not provide menu options or icons
  • Disables control keys and task switching
  • Disables right-click menu options
  • Disables the ability to start new applications
  • Prevents going backwards to a previous page
  • Stops people exiting in a high stakes, proctored environment
  • Prevents viewing page/HTML code

Both Secure and Flexible

Some tests might require access to functions that the Questionmark Secure player will limit by default. The following can be optionally enabled from the server if your test requires these features:

  • Print the current page
  • Close browser
  • Back button
  • Refresh the current page 

An Important Component of Your Exam Security Strategy

Questionmark Secure can lock-down the technology, but there are many other factors you must consider in planning your high-stakes testing. Questionmark’s white paper "Delivering Assessments Safely and Securely" provides guidance on a range of testing scenarios and an overview of desirable test center characteristics, authentication, and monitoring (or proctoring/ invigilating) practices. You can download this white paper here.

Online Proctoring

Questionmark Online Proctoring enables you to safely, securely, and conveniently deliver exams to candidates while they’re at work or home, eliminating the need for expensive time off, challenging travel or dealing with test centers. Questionmark helps you protect your content, the scoring algorithms, reduce cheating, and ensures the validity, reliability, & defensibility of your exams - while giving you the tools to rapidly deploy new exams.

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