Questionmark Perception Release Enables Printing and Scanning of Tests and Surveys

Latest Version Blends Processing of Paper-based and Online Assessments

Joan Phaup

NORWALK, CT – February 15, 2007 – Questionmark, a leading provider of testing and assessment software, today unveiled the newest version of the Questionmark™ Perception™ assessment management system. The new release equips Perception users with the ability to print and scan assessments, as well as many new authoring and delivering improvements.

Questionmark’s “ Printing and Scaning” feature enables educators and learning professionals to take advantage of Perception’s authoring, item banking and reporting capabilities whether they deliver their assessments in print or they need to deliver some or all of their assessments on paper. Questions can be authored in Perception and then printed. Participants can answer assessments using standard “bubble sheet” forms that can be scanned and converted to a data file using either Optical Mark Reader (OMR) or Optical Character Read (OCR) scanning solutions. Results can be uploaded to Perception and processed together with results from online assessments.

“Online assessments offer many benefits, but in some cases traditional paper-and-pencil test delivery is a practical solution,” commented Eric Shepherd, CEO of Questionmark. “With this release, our customers can deliver print-based assessments without sacrificing the reporting, security, automatic scoring, workflow management, item banking and other assessment management benefits they have come to expect from Perception.”

The release also adds two new question types to Perception, which now includes wizard-based authoring for 22 items types altogether. The Survey Matrix question wizard enables authors to create a series of Likert scale survey questions in minutes – and present them to participants in an easy-to-read form. The new “File Upload” question type enables participants to upload files in response to questions – ideal for questions that require lengthy essay responses, or that may require audio, graphic or other formats in response to a question. The uploaded files are then made available in Perception’s scoring tool for graders to review and score.

Questionmark’s new Survey Report software is also included as a standard component of the new Perception release. The software enables graphical analysis of answers to questions, frequency analysis of multiple choice answers, and a listing of answers for text questions. Administrators can insert and delete question "reportlets" on the fly, choose from a variety of formatting options, and distribute reports to a browser, printer, PDF document, Microsoft® Word document, or Microsoft Excel.

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About Questionmark

Questionmark has been providing testing and assessment software since 1988, and over 2,500 customers in 50 countries now use Questionmark products. The Questionmark Perception assessment management system enables educators and trainers to create, securely administer and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. Multiple authors can work together in a distributed learning environment with seamless connections to existing systems and infrastructure.

Options include a secure browser and proctoring security. Perception applications include pre/post tests, practice quizzes, course evaluations and certification exams. The software can be licensed or used as a hosted solution. Questionmark provides extensive documentation for users of the software in addition to comprehensive learning resources focusing on the effective use of assessments. Complete details are available at


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