Questionmark Blackboard Connector


Blackboard’s expertise in course management and Questionmark’s expertise in computerized assessment make a powerful combination. As the leader in e–Education infrastructure, Blackboard provides scalable software and services that enable educators to host an entire campus online. Questionmark’s Blackboard Connector enables students and educators using Blackboard to seamlessly link to Questionmark's Assessment Management System.

How it works

A software "bridge" linking the two systems allows a "trusted security relationship" between Blackboard and Perception. The bridge allows institutions to maintain student and instructor profiles within the Blackboard system while Blackboard Connector Overviewtaking advantage of the powerful assessment features of Perception.

  • Instructors using Blackboard can link their courses to Perception for quizzes, course evaluations, and secure delivery of exams.
  • The connector adds an interface to Blackboard that instructors may use to schedule an assessment for delivery via Perception.
  • The instructor may specify which dates an assessment is available to a student, and limit the number of attempts the student may try access the assessment.
  • Students may link to Perception assessments from within Blackboard and view their results in Blackboard’s Gradebook.

Questionmark Blackboard Connector benefits

  • A streamlined integration between Blackboard Learning System and Questionmark™ Perception™
  • Instructors can easily assign and schedule Perception assessments for their courses.
  • Institutions using Blackboard can take full advantage of the powerful and innovative assessment management features offered by Perception such as Questionmark Secure, which provides secure delivery of high-stakes exams and can minimize cheating by “locking down” the participant’s PC, preventing task-switching, printing, screen captures, and more.
  • Instructors who need comprehensive question types, such as drag-and-drop and hot-spot, with a pedagogical focus, can provide all styles of assessments within their course.
  • Students registered in Blackboard can seamlessly link to Perception quizzes and tests.
  • Instructors can use Perception’s Coaching rReport to focus students on appropriate learning content.
  • Instructors can access Perception’s full range of reporting features, including item analysis, question statistics, and more.

Supported versions of Blackboard

  • Current supported versions of Blackboard Connector
    • Connector for Blackboard Learn 9
    • Connector for Blackboard Academic Suite 8

Note that this connector does not support Blackboard Learning System Vista and Campus Edition (CE), formerly WebCT. However, may call Perception assessments from Vista or CE using SCORM or using open-source connector software. Click here for a Knowledge Base article that explains options for integrating with Blackboard Learning System Vista and CE.