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Questionmark OnPremise Support Plans

Support plans for Questionmark OnPremise

Our experienced technical services representatives possess the in-depth product knowledge required to provide customers with superior technical services. Questionmark's standard support plan (SSP) supplements your purchase so that your deployment and upgrades can be planned and organized without undue stress. Enterprise support provides additional premium support options.
Standard support
Enterprise support
All version upgrades (major and minor) included
Access to knowledge bases
Access to online product manuals
Access to product best practice guides
Access to forums and blogs
Unlimited Questionmark Live SME author accounts
Access to support RSS feeds
Email support for up to 3 individuals
Phone support for up to 3 individuals
Chat support for up to 3 individuals
Dedicated technical support representative
Detailed customer/system profile on file
Response time per service level agreement
24x5 and 24x7 support options available
Regular issue updates per service level agreement
Can schedule time with a technical service engineer
Dedicated Technical Services Rep available for consulting

Should you need help, contact us via email or telephone, or via the "Chat With Support" button on our Customer Support page. For faster service, make sure you have your support agreement number, the serial number of your Questionmark software, as well as information about the configuration of your computer system. In addition, please ensure that you understand the nature of the problem before calling. Customers nominate three key users to be their technical support contacts for their entire organization. Your support contacts will be named in your organization's agreement, and all questions and answers should be channeled through them.
If you purchase your support plan at the time of purchase you receive a discounted price. However, if you purchase the support plan after you have purchased the software you can only enter the plan if you have the currently released version for a higher price. If you are not on the current version you are required to purchase the upgrade and then you will be eligible for the plan.
Optional 24x5 and 24x7 options for Enterprise Support Plan customers 
The services above are available during normal business hours. Optional evening, night, and weekend support services are available to Enterprise subscribers:
  • 24x5 support (24 hours per day, 5 days per week, excluding holidays)
  • 24x7 support (24 hours per day, 7 days per week)
Optional 24x5 and 24x7 support for OnPremise Enterprise Support Plan customers
Included or optional?Contact methodLevel of supportWho
Daytime support
(9:00am - 6:00pm local time)
Included in support planPhone
Full first and second line support3 named users
Twilight support 
(6:00pm - 10:00pm local time)
Optional: Available with 
24x5 or 24x7 support
ChatFirst line support – guidance on resolving common issues3 named users
Night support (10:00pm - 9:00am local time)Optional: Available with 
24x5 or 24x7 support
First line support – guidance on resolving common issues3 named users
Weekend supportOptional: Available with 
24x7 support
First line support – guidance on resolving common issues3 named users