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December 2014

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As many Questionmark users make their final plans to attend the 2009 European Users Conference in Manchester, England, those of us on this side of the Atlantic are now planning for the 2010 Users Conference in Miami, Florida. These are just two of the many events we organize for Perception users around the globe. As our community grows, so do our efforts to connect Perception users with one another. Read on for details about our many events and learning opportunities.

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This issue of Questionmark News includes:

  1. Questionmark 2010 Users Conference Registration Now Open
  2. Questionmark Live Adds New Languages, Version Tracking
  3. Breakfast Briefings and User Group Meetings Continue in Five U.S. Cities
  4. Technologies for Selling Tests Helps Test Publishers Profit
  5. Blog Highlights: Tutorials, Best Practice Tips and Events
  6. Learning Opportunities from Webinars to Three-Day Training
  7. Tech Tip: Including Mathematical Equations in Questions

Questionmark 2010 Users Conference Registration Now Open

Questionmark Perception users can now start signing up to attend the Questionmark 2010 Users

Conference, to be held March 14 - 17 in Miami, Florida.

The Conference Web site includes a call for case study and peer discussion proposals, travel and

hotel details, a schedule-at-a-glance and comments about last year's conference. Be sure to

check out the group registration form, which enables participants from a single organization to

take advantage of our group discount rates.

We will add further details to the conference Web site as our plans develop, so stay tuned!

Bookmark the Conference Web site Register by December 4th to save $200 »

Questionmark Live Adds New Languages, Version Tracking

Our browser-based authoring tool, Questionmark Live, makes it easy for subject matter experts to

contribute items for Questionmark Perception assessments. It's designed to be updated frequently

to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Questionmark Live is now availabile in 11 different languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Hindi
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

Another new Questionmark Live feature is the ability to view a question’s full revision history,

run a detailed comparison of two revisions, and roll back a question to a previous version.

Learn more about Questionmark Live


Breakfast Briefings and User Group Meetings Continue in Five U.S. Cities

Our annual series of Breakfast Briefings is off to a great start, and We still have five cities

to go. If you are based anywhere near Chicago, Dallas, Washington, DC, Atlanta or Los Angeles

you still have the opportunity to get some hands-on instruction in creating assessments using

Questionmark Live and Questionmark Perception.

Our Washington, DC Briefing on October 8th is now fully booked, but we have added a second

session on October 9th for those who couldn't get registered for first one.

Here is list of the remaining briefings that still have openings:

  • Chicago on September 24
  • Dallas on October 6
  • Washington on October 9
  • Atlanta on October 20
  • Los Angeles on October 22

User Group Meetings are also scheduled for these cities after each of the Briefings. These

meetings give Questionmark users an excellent opportunity to learn in depth about the latest

product features and new Questionmark services from Questionmark management. There's also

plenty of time to discuss technical issues, ask questions and weigh in on potential new


Sign up for a Breakfast Briefing Register for a User Group Meeting


Technologies for Selling Tests Helps Test Publishers Profit

A new Questionmark solution, "Technologies for Selling Tests," allows professional associations, textbook companies, awarding bodies and other test publishers to streamline individual and bulk sales of online quizzes and tests. This service, an optional enhancement to on-demand deployments of Perception, provides an

ideal solution for test publishers interested in selling their tests to large institutions or for publishers wishing to make quizzes, diagnostic assessments and other study aids available on a charge-per-use basis. The service uses Perception’s out-of-the-box functionality and can be tailored to enable consumer purchases via e-commerce or bulk purchase by large institutions.

Test publishers can now get a better return on their investment in creating and maintaining

valid and reliable assessments using this rapidly deployable, secure, low-cost solution.

Get details Try it out


Blog Highlights: Tutorials, Best Practice Tips and Events

Recent highlights from the Questionmark Blog include a Questionmark Live tutorial on

adding multimedia to a question, a look into item analysis analytics and how to identify

problematic questions, a video on how to create Questionmark Perception reports, an entry on

mashups and their impact on the world of learning, and updates on Questionmark events. These

links will take you directly to a couple of recent posts, but be sure to explore the blog to

find the stories that interest you most. You can subscribe to the blog via RSS or email: an easy way to keep up with Questionmark.

How it Works: Adding Multimedia to a Question in Questionmark Live

Greg Pope on Item Analysis Analytics: Some Problem Questions

Tom King on Understanding eLearning Standards - AICC HACP

While we are on the subject of blogs, we'd like to recommend a recent post about learning mashups in Questionmark CEO Eric Shepherd's blog.


Learning Opportunities from Webinars to Three-Day Training

Whether you are completely new to Questionmark or an experienced Perception user, there are

plenty of learning opportunities on tap these days.

Current Web seminars include:

  • Perception orientation for those new to online assessments
  • Analyzing and Sharing Assessment Results with Questionmark Enterprise Reporter
  • Introduction to Questionmark's Results Management System
  • Introduction to Questionmark Live: Browser-Based Authoring for SMEs

We also have three-day product training sessions slated for St. Louis, Seattle, Los Angeles and

Austin between now and the end of the year. Questionmark trainers can also conduct onsite and

online training to meet your organization's specific needs.

Sign up for a Web seminar

See training course dates and details


Tech Tip: Including Mathematical Equations in Questions

The MathML Editor in Questionmark Perception enables authors to include mathematical equations of any complexity in their questions. You can build mathematical equations from palettes that provide simple symbols and templates for more complex terms.

To use the MathML Editor to include a mathematical equation in your question, open Authoring Manager and connect to your repository, then navigate the topic in which you want to create your question. The Equation button within the Question Wizard's stimulus screen has a toolbar that provides appropriate symbols, characters or templates to create your equation.

Questionmark Software Support Plan customers can view step-by-step instructions in the following Knowledge Base Article, which includes information about using the Advanced Editor for fine tuning the presentation of equations.

Can I include mathematical equations in questions?