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December 2014

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We have a lot of news for you this month!

Please note our line-up of Web seminars and our new white paper on secure delivery of assessments.

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This issue of Questionmark News includes:

  1. White Paper: Delivering Assessments Safely and Securely
  2. Special-Focus Web Seminars on Authoring, Reporting, Perception 4.4
  3. Visit the Questionmark Blog for News, Commentary, Best Practices and More
  4. Questionmark CEO Eric Shepherd Appointed to ATP Board of Directors
  5. Perception Users Meet in Memphis to Explore Best Practices
  6. Not Traveling? Let Us Bring Perception Training to You
  7. Tech Tip: Launch and Track Integrations

White Paper: Delivering Assessments Safely and Securely

Secure delivery of assessments is essential -- but how do you figure out the right level of security for various types of assessments?

Our recently released a white paper takes a new look at ways to keep tests secure. It explains cost-effective security measures that match each assessment's stakes .It suggests security solutions and testing environments for everything from low-stakes satisfaction surveys to high-stakes licensure exams.

Topics include:

  • The distinctions between types of assessments
  • Environments for delivering assessments
  • Creating the right environment for your assessments
  • Case studies
  • Tips to help prevent cheating and ensure test security
  • Tips to help ensure the security of intellectual property
  • Questionmark technologies for deploying assessments safely and securely

This newly released paper takes into account changes in technologies and standards that have taken place since its original publication six years ago, like the increased use of bandwidth-intensive content such as video.

Download the White Paper


Special-Focus Web Seminars on Authoring, Reporting, Perception 4.4

Check out our current line-up of Web seminars that drill down into specific aspects of using the Questionmark Perception assessment management system:

From Item Banking to Content Harvesting: Authoring in Questionmark Perception

May 7th at 3 p.m. EDT

This webinar will demonstrate the use of different authoring tools to author questions for use in surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. Questions from the various sources will be assembled into a sample assessment, which will then be taken online. Figure out which tools are the most practical for you and how to make them work together to produce assessments quickly and easily.

Analyzing and Sharing Assessment Results with Questionmark Enterprise Reporter

May 20th at 3 p.m. EDT

This session explains each of Perception’s 12 standard reports and the data and statistics they contain. Join us to learn how use templates to help you create reports easily and to learn about the various filter options you can use.

Overview of New Features in Perception v4.4

April 16th at 11 a.m. EDT

Perception Orientation seminars, ideal for people who are just starting out, are offered once or twice each week. These sessions will take you through the processes of authoring, scheduling, delivering and reporting on assessments.

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Visit the Questionmark Blog for News, Commentary, Best Practices and More

Where to go for the latest news about assessment? Questionmark's blog! Look there for commentary, tips on best practices, product announcements, how-to's, links to thought leaders, info on learning industry trends and all things assessment-related.

We have always believed in promoting best practices in assessment and enjoy lively dialog about the important role assessments play in measuring learning and improving performance. The blog gives us yet another way to keep the conversation going!

Bookmark and visit often - or sign up to get blog updates via RSS or email. Stay connected with us and with the wider testing and assessment community. Ask questions, post comments and take the opportunity to spark discussions. See you on the blog!


Questionmark CEO Eric Shepherd Appointed to ATP Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Questionmark CEO Eric Shepherd to serve on the Association of Test Publishers Board of Directors.

The ATP represents providers of tests and assessment tools and/or services related to assessment, selection, screening, certification, licensing, educational or clinical uses.

In addition to his work with Questionmark, Eric was instrumental in the development of the Question and Test Interoperability standard. Long active in the ATP, he served as the first chairman of the ATP's European Division when it was started in 2006.

Learn More


Perception Users Meet in Memphis to Explore Best Practices

We have just adjourned the 7th annual Questionmark Users Conference, which brought Perception users together for technical training sessions, discussions on best practices, case studies, peer discussions and conversations about future assessments tools and technologies. Sharon Shrock and Bill Coscarelli delivered a lively keynote about progress in criterion-referenced testing.

Look for reports from the conference on the Questionmark Blog.


Not Traveling? Let Us Bring Perception Training to You

The fact that travel budgets are limited these days shouldn't mean that you go without the training you need to use Questionmark Perception effectively. In addition to our scheduled training courses throughout the United States, we are pleased to offer onsite training for your organization.

For more information about onsite or customized training options just email or get in touch with your Questionmark account manager.

Here are scheduled three-day courses for the rest of this year:

  • Denver -- May 12 - 14
  • Boston- June 16 - 18
  • Chicago - July 21 -23
  • Washington, DC -- August 18-20
  • St Louis -- September 15 - 17
  • Seattle -- October 20 - 22
  • Los Angeles -- November 17 - 19
  • Austin -- December 15 - 17

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Tech Tip: Launch and Track Integrations

Many organizations using Learning Management Systems or portals securely link learners to Questionmark Perception assessments and then, if desired, can track the results.

These launch and track integrations were made easier in Perception 4.4 by Publish to LMS, a wizard that walks an author or administrator through a simple process to create one of the following:

  • An AICC Content Package
  • An IMS Content Package
  • A SCORM 1.2 Content Package
  • A SCORM 2004 Content Package
  • An Assessment URL

Publish to LMS can be called either from Perception's Authoring Manager or from browser-based authoring in Enterprise Manager.

The content "packages" created by Publish to LMS area zipped collections of small files that contain information about an assessment, and a link to a URL on the Perception Server so that the assessment can be scheduled or run from a remote application such as a learning management system.

Note: If you are using Perception version 4.4 or above, you can use Publish to LMS. If you are using Perception version 4.3 or below, you need to use the Content Packager program to create Content Package files.

Questionmark Software Support Plan customers can find more details in these Knowledge Base articles: How can I call Perception from an AICC HACP-compliant Learning Management System? What is Publish to LMS?

What is Content Packager?