Questionmark Live Brings Powerful Test Authoring Tools to Subject Matter Experts

Easy authoring tools available anytime, anywhere in the world

Joan Phaup

Norwalk, CT – May 22, 2009 – A new, Web-based authoring tool from Questionmark enables subject matter experts to author questions for surveys, quizzes and tests anytime, anywhere—making it easy to collaborate in the creation of powerful assessments.

The company is providing Questionmark Live free to all of its software support plan customers worldwide. English, French, Dutch, Spanish and German authoring interfaces are currently available.

Questionmark Live give users of the Questionmark™ Perception™ assessment management system an intuitive, click-and-drag interface and workflow utilizing familiar tools for formatting and embedding images, links, feedback and more. Authors can use Questionmark Live without installing any software and without training. Nor do they ever have to update anything, since they always have access to the latest Perception software.

Authors establish question sets focusing on a similar theme, subject or purpose, then create multiple choice, multiple response, text match, or Likert scale questions by following simple prompts. They can add comment boxes if they wish, and can provide powerful, response-based feedback to correct and incorrect answers. Once they have completed a question set, questions can be exported for review and inclusion in Questionmark Perception surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. “Questionmark Live makes it possible for organizations to crowd-source their assessment content in much the same way share knowledge and experience through wikis, blogs, and social networking,” said Questionmark CEO Eric Shepherd. “By making it easy for subject matter experts to write questions quickly and easily we hope to promote wider involvement in the assessment process and thereby help our customers produce better assessments.“

About Questionmark

Questionmark provides technologies and services that enable organizations to measure knowledge, skills and attitudes securely for certification, regulatory compliance and improved learning outcomes. Questionmark solutions enable reliable, valid and defensible assessments by empowering subject matter experts through collaborative authoring, accommodating participant needs with blended and multilingual delivery and informing stakeholders through timely reporting and meaningful analytics.

The Questionmark Perception assessment management system, available as a licensed, hosted or subscription-based solution, enables organizations to create, administer and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. Complete details are available at Questionmark blog at provides assessment-related news, interviews insights and best practices.

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