Questionmark Item Analysis Report Flags Potential Problems

July 2011

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How can you be sure your test questions are valid and reliable? How do you identify questions that are flawed in some way?

Our new Item Analysis Report, now available in Questionmark OnDemand, makes it easier than ever before to detect questions that may be suspect. Learn about it right here, along with news about Questionmark learning events, a white paper and a tip on how to send learners home with valuable feedback.

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Joan Phaup, Editor

This issue of Questionmark News includes:

  1. New Item Analysis Report in Questionmark OnDemand Flags Potential Problems
  2. Questionmark Users to Meet in New Orleans Next March
  3. White Paper: Using SharePoint for Learning and Assessment
  4. Attend 3-day Perception Training in Washington, D.C. in September
  5. Web Seminars Galore Get Updates or an Intro
  6. Tech Tip: Enabling Test Participants to Print Feedback

Item Analysis Report in Questionmark OnDemand Flags Potential Problems

The interactive Item Analysis Report we've recently added to Questionmark Analytics gives users quick visual clues about the performance of individual questions.

You can spot items that might need more detailed investigation simply by glancing at a graph. From there, you can click on the item to drill down into detailed item statistics and performance data. In addition to viewing the report in your browser, you can publish it as a PDF or put it into CSV format for further analysis.

There's also a new Test Center Analysis Report, which allows users to evaluate the performance of participants that have been scheduled to take assessments at test centers and thereby identify potential test security issues.

Questionmark Analytics pulls data from Questionmark Perception repository and stores it in a Results Warehouse specially constructed for creating reports that users can mine for detailed information.

Learn more about Questionmark Analytics

Questionmark Users to Meet in New Orleans Next March

That's right! We'll hold the next Questionmark Users Conference in The Big Easy March 20 - 23, 2012.

This conference is an essential professional development event, with product training, case studies, peer discussions and expert advice on best practices. It's also a grand opportunity to network with fellow learning and assessment professionals.

Save the dates! Full details pending. Bookmark the conference web site


White Paper: Using SharePoint for Learning and Assessment

With the increasing use of Microsoft SharePoint to create collaborative web sites, there's tremendous potential for using it together with assessments to support learning, education, training and compliance.

Our complimentary white paper, "Learning and Assessment on SharePoint", explains how to use various types of assessments – from surveys and knowledge checks to quizzes and tests -- within SharePoint to provide retrieval practice, motivate learners and measure knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The paper:

  • defines assessments for, in, of and after learning and the roles of diagnostic, formative, needs, reaction and summative assessments
  • describes applications of assessments within SharePoint for formal and informal learning, compliance, observational assessments and more
  • explains two ways to include Questionmark assessments within SharePoint – by embedding them in a page or by presenting a list of assessments for a participant to click on
  • explores synergies between SharePoint and Questionmark software that can make using them together even more beneficial

Are you already using SharePoint? Are you considering it? Either way, this paper will show you how to build on SharePoint's strength to make it an effective delivery platform for assessments and learning.

Download the paper


Attend 3-day Perception Training in Washington, D.C. in September

Nothing beats one of our 3-day training courses for getting quickly up to speed with Questionmark Perception.

Participants learn to:

  • Author assessments using Perception Authoring Manager
  • Create participants and schedule those participants to take assessments using Perception Enterprise Manager
  • Specify assessment delivery mode and behavior using Perception Authoring Manager
  • Generate reports based on assessment results using Perception Enterprise Reporter

Registration is now open for the next course, which is set for September 27 - 29 in Washington, D.C.

Register for 3-day training


Webinars Galore:Get Updates or an Intro

Our free, one-hour web seminars take people a few degrees up the learning curve, and we are offering presentations this summer for beginners as well as experienced Questionmark users. Please join us at one or all of these sessions:

Introduction to Questionmark Perception If you are new to computerized assessments or Questionmark Perception, join this overview of Perception to get a general idea of its features. Learn the basics about writing and deploying quizzes, tests, and surveys.

  • Scheduled twice weekly. Choose your date and time

What's New in Questionmark Perception Version 5? This web seminar provides an overview and demonstration of distinguishing new features in Questionmark Perception version 5. The webinar is ideal for current Questionmark users or anyone who wants to learn about what's new and what's changed in the newest release of Questionmark Perception.

  • Wednesday, July 20 at - 3 p.m. EDT

Creating Assessments for Mobile Delivery How can learning professionals leverage mobile devices such as smart phones or the iPad for delivering assessment content? Find out how you can deliver a single assessment on many different types of devices and yet process your results centrally. Discover the potential of using mobile delivery on its own or as part of a blended delivery strategy to give learners retrieval practice, gather their opinions or test their knowledge while they are on the move.

  • Wednesday August 3 at - 3 p.m. EDT

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Tech Tip: Enabling Participants to Print Feedback

Suppose you want to give participants feedback they can take away with them for further reference -- some pointers to additional learning materials or the correct answers to questions they've missed.

You can offer this option by adding a print button to your feedback page.

To start, create a copy of the template you want to modify. Then, using Perception Authoring Manager, create these two settings to:

  1. add a print button style to the template and indicate that it should appear on the feedback page
  2. add the button itself, including some javascript code for printing the screen

Once these settings are complete and the template is saved, change the assessment to use the modified template.

Questionmark software support plan customers can obtain detailed instructions and HTML code for the two settings within the following Knowledge Base article:

How can I add a print button on the feedback page of an assessment?