Questionmark Connector for SAP® Learning Solution


SAP customers using SAP’s HCM/Learning Solutions offerings can deploy the Questionmark assessment management system jointly with SAP applications to deliver and manage pre-employment skills tests, certification exams, course evaluations, employee surveys and other types of assessments. Questionmark’s Connector for use with SAP Learning Solution enables customers using the SAP Enterprise Learning environment to leverage and complement SAP’s best-of-breed human capital management solution with Questionmark's comprehensive assessment management capabilities.

Launch and Track Questionmark Assessments from SAP Learning Solution

How it works

The Connector links the SAP Enterprise Learning environment to Questionmark. Assessments in Questionmark can be scheduled from the SAP Enterprise Learning environment. A learner will be able to launch the scheduled assessment from the SAP Learning Environment portal. The assessment is delivered by Questionmark which, upon completion of the assessment, passes results based to the SAP Enterprise Learning.

Key features and benefits

  • A streamlined connection between SAP Enterprise Learning and Questionmark
  • Organizations using SAP Enterprise Learning can take full advantage of the powerful and innovative assessment management features offered by Questionmark. These include Questionmark Secure, which provides secure delivery of high-stakes exams and can minimize cheating by “locking down” the participant’s PC, preventing task-switching, printing, screen captures, and more.
  • Include Questionmark assessments in the course catalog
  • Allows billing for assessments
  • Allows you to give feedback within Questionmark at the detailed topic level
  • Instructors and trainers who need comprehensive question types, such as drag-and-drop and hot-spot, with a pedagogical focus, can provide all styles of assessments within their course.
  • Organizations can access Questionmark's full range of reporting features, including Item Analysis, Test Analysis, Coaching, and more.


  • Questionmark Perception Server 5.2 or higher
  • SAP Enterprise Learning 3.00 or above
    • SAP PI/XI Interface
  • The connector requires expertise in the customer’s systems, APIs and SAP XI/PI to deploy successfully
  • For more details, see the following Knowledge Base article.