Questionmark Conference 2017: Agenda


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Are you prepared for the next generation of assessment management?

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Are you getting the data and insight you need to make informed decisions?

 Innovate with us on future assessment technologies

What are your measurement needs today -- what will they be tomorrow?


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Pre-Conference Workshop

Session Title Presenters
 Questionmark Boot Camp: Basic training for beginners Rick Ault, Questionmark
 Advanced Test Item Writing Workshop: Learn how to test more than just knowledge Jim Parry, Compass Consultants, LLC

Features and Functions

Session Title Presenters
Introduction to Questionmark for Beginners Shaun Wilson, Questionmark
​Rick Ault, Questionmark
Secure Authentication: Single sign-on for Questionmark  Bart Hendrickx, Questionmark

Augmenting and Customizing Your Portal with Questionmark Apps

Bart Hendrickx and Howard Eisenberg, Questionmark
Moving from OnPremise to OnDemand: A smooth migration Cecil Trussell and Will Kahl, Questionmark

Role-based Security in Questionmark OnDemand: Managing users and roles effectively

​Bart Hendrickx and April Barnum, Questionmark
Participants in the Portal: Boosting user experience Bart Hendrickx, Questionmark
Explore the Advanced Editor in Next Gen Authoring Rick Ault, Questionmark
Capturing Demographics When Delivering Assessments Scott Thacher and Rick Ault, Questionmark
The Power of Open: A deep dive into OData and the Open Assessment Platform Steve Lay, Questionmark
Questionmark OnDemand for Government David Hunt, Questionmark; Ashley Mahan, FedRAMP Agency Evangelist; Nalini Martinez, Kratos Secure Info; Ted Stille, US State Department, Diplomatic Services
Questionmark OnPremise Updates: Everything you need to know Greg Appel, Questionmark

Assessments in Practice

Session Title Presenters
Certifying Services-Oriented Associates at PetSmart Mark Dompier, PetSmart
​Taking the ‘Migraine’ out of Migration: Accenture’s journey to next-gen authoring Todd Horner, Accenture
Avionics: A hands-on, performance-based certification using Questionmark Carolyn Parise and Steve Kane, SpaceTEC
How PG&E’s Move to the Cloud Has Streamlined Assessments - Jeff Wagner, Pacific Gas and Electric Company Jeff Wagner, Test & Assessment Strategist, Principal, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Holistic Test Security: When monitoring is not enough

John Kessler, Accenture and Jamie Mulkey, Caveon Test Security

Assessments as Career Development Tools at Caterpillar Inc.

Lauri Buckley and Lindsey Clayton, Caterpillar Inc.Caterpillar Inc.

Applying Best Practices

Session Title Presenters
Staying Ahead of Evolving Security Threats ​John Kleeman and David Hunt, Questionmark
Test Security for Grown-Ups: Enhancing exam integrity through proctoring, recording and monitoring Steve Lay, Questionmark
Understanding Security: Tips, tricks, and ways you can stay protected David Hunt, Questionmark

Identifying the Knowledge Gap

Jim Parry, Compass Consultants, LLC

Why Use Performance-Based Testing? Why Test at All?

Jim Parry, Compass Consultants, LLC

Using Surveys to Get Meaningful Results

John Kleeman, Questionmark

Setting a Fair, Defensible Cut (Passing) Scores

Jim Parry, Compass Consultants, LLC

Freeze! Distinguishing Between Good Security Policy and Bad Assumptions

Nikki Eatchel and Sue Steinkamp, Scantron