Questionmark 2012 Users Conference Handouts

Case Studies

Session Title Presenters  
An Architect’s Approach to Questionmark Assessment Development : How to Architect, Design and Implement an Efficient Assessment-Building Process Tom Metzler, TIBCO Software, Inc.
How e-Testing is Improving Assessment for the U.S. Coast Guard James Parry and Art Stark, USCG Training Center
Analysis of Examination Time Data at the Question- and Person-Specific Level with Perception James J. Thompson, Louisiana State University
The Big Switch: Moving Training and Assessment to Mobile Devices Barry Jass, Covidien
Using Questionmark to Answer Business Questions Related to Your Work Processes Gretchen Seyfried, Progressive Insurance
Five Approaches to Effective Content Management

Sami Besalel, The Aurelius Group

Eighty’s a Crowd: Managing a Multitude of Assessment Authors - Case Study & Discussion Scott Wilde, Intermountain Healthcare
Using Innovative Technologies to Aid High-Volume Testing in Multiple Environments Jennifer Lathem and Kerry Eades, Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education

Best Practices

Session Title Presenters  
Alignment, Impact and Measurement with the A-model Dr. Bruce C. Aaron, Ametrico
Applying the Principles of Item and Test Analysis to Your Assessment Program Sean Farrell, PwC
Timing is Everything : Using psychology research to make your assessments more effective John Kleeman, Questionmark
Using Captivate and Flash Simulations in eLearning and Assessments Doug Peterson, Questionmark
Using Web Services to Integrate with Questionmark Perception Steve Lay, Questionmark

Features & Functions

Session Title Presenters  
Answers to Windows Authoring FAQs Rick Ault, Trainer, Questionmark
Using Questionmark Live for Surveys and Course Evaluations Jim Farrell, Product Owner, Questionmark
Reporting and Analytics: Understanding and sharing assessment results Howard Eisenberg, Consulting
Services Manager, Questionmark
Deploying Questionmark Perception 5.4 Steve Lay, Integration Consultant,
Customizing the Participant Interface Howard Eisenberg, Consulting
Services Manager, Questionmark
Introduction to Questionmark Perception for Beginners Jeff Place, Product Evangelist, Questionmark

Peer Discussions/Bonus Sessions/Drop-Ins

Session Title Presenters  
Peer Discussion: Proctored versus non-proctored: How does assessment setting affect student achievement on web-based assessments? Richard Pierce, Shenandoah University
Panel Discussion: Managing Assessment Security as the Stakes are Getting Higher Eric Shepherd, CEO, Questionmark, with Terra Walker, Webmaster, Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy, Shenandoah University; Michael Hussey, Vice
President, Pearson VUE; and Kabir Kassam, Chief Operating Officer, Innovative Exams
Peer Discussion: Test Defensibility in the US Coast Guard - Using the Angoff Method to Set Cut Scores

Allan H. Wheaton, Chief, Curriculum Division, U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Agency, and James R. Parry, Test Development Manager, U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown, VA