Question Mark Unveils New Version of Perception

Major upgrade eases creation of online tests and assessments

Joan Phaup
Tel: 800-642-3950

STAMFORD, CT – July 1, 1999 -- A new version of Question Mark Perception™, the world’s most popular software for creating tests and assessments for the Internet, will enable teachers and trainers to create multimedia quizzes, tests and assessments for the web.

Question Mark Corporation’s Perception V2 replaces Perception V1.2. Although the existing software suite is only a year old, the new version has a multitude of improvements and additions.

Perception V2 brings multimedia question creation to the fingertips of the most unsophisticated users. ‘Hotspot’ questions, where authors assign co-ordinates to a graphic to represent a correct answer, can be produced using a simple six-step wizard. A multimedia wizard has been added that enables authors to build in sound and film clips into questions.

One of the most welcome of the new features will be Perception’s new program integration tool. Perception Integration Protocol (PIP) enables system integrators, program vendors and programmers to interface their programs to Perception. Question Mark has already created working links, through PIP, with some of the most popular training administration programs. This includes the Allen Communications’ training management system Manager's Edge, that lets trainers organize and deliver online learning activities. Test sessions can be called directly from Perception and the results returned to Manager's Edge. Question Mark has created a similar link to Pathware Attain (Macromedia), a Computer Managed Instruction (CMI) system for enterprise learning management, Silton-Bookman’s Registrar training administration package., and Integrity Training’s WBT Manager. Perception also supports the AICC standard for web communication between these programs.

Commented Question Mark president Eric Shepherd, "With PIP, it’s now easy to implement Perception s an integral part of an organization’s training administration system. Perception can power induction courses, training needs analysis programs, and online competency courses. It can also be used to check staff on procedures in response to regulatory demands."

Perception V2 also gains a new assessment tool. Called Enterprise Reporter, it offers more summaries than the standard Reporter, and is faster and more flexible. It also includes a dynamic filtering tool to enable users to set filters on date, participant and group on the fly, rather than having to pre-set them in reports.

Both of Perception’s authoring tools offer impressive new features. Question Manager, Perception’s question creating application, now enables users to create several new question types. In addition to the Hotspot question for use with graphics, questions can be constructed that are answered by filling in blank spaces in a sentence. Matrix questions, popularly used for conducting surveys, can also be produced. Question Manager already enables users to create text match, explanation, multiple choice, multiple response, numeric and selection questions.

Question Manager’s new multimedia wizard enables users to create stylish, sophisticated online tests using video and sound without having to know HTML.

"This is a major step forward for anybody in the training community who wants to harness the full power of the web," said Shepherd. "Web based question delivery is now within everyone’s reach."

Session Manager also includes a number of new features that make creating tests or sessions even easier. These include a new method of trying out tests before they are published to the server. New toolbar icons enable users to publish a session to an Access database and another new feature that enables users to view a summary of the session data.

Question Mark was founded in 1988 and was one of the first software companies to provide an authoring framework to create tests and assessments to run on PCs. Today the company offers a full range of software for the education and training marketplace spanning Windows 3.X and 95, DOS, Macintosh and web environments. Businesses, governments, and universities in more than 40 countries now use Question Mark software.

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