Question mark Releases Perception 3.3 Upgrade Offers Increased Security and Save-As-You-Go Capability

Joan Phaup
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STAMFORD, CT – October 3, 2002 – Improved security and a new save-as-you go capability head a list of changes incorporated in Question mark™ Perception™ Version 3.3, which was just released.

The testing and assessment system has for many years provided secure assessments through Perception Secure Browser (PSB), which has always restricted candidates’ ability to print exams or “accidentally” exit a test. However, with increased security being uppermost in customers’ minds, Question mark PSB now allows customers to open and/or close access to options on an assessment-by-assessment basis. 

The new Save As You Go feature in Perception 3.3 allows assessment participants to store answers to questions in the block they are currently viewing without having to submit the entire block to the Perception Server. Saved answers can be changed in the browser up until the point when the completed assessment block is submitted. Participants taking assessments can provide answers to some questions in an assessment block, then stop taking the assessment and restart the assessment at a later. Save As You Go is particularly useful if the server, the connection, or the participant's PC fails in the middle of a test or survey: an auto-save feature means they won't lose their answers.

Save As You Go complies with the recently-announced Guidelines for Computer-Based Testing from the Association of Test Publishers (ATP), which specifies that "the test delivery system should have the capability to recover test taker data collected at the appropriate point in the test session prior to the test disruption."

The ATP’s guidelines also specify that "the means for test takers to record responses, navigate through the test, mark items for review, and change the response to an item should be readily apparent and available. " In keeping with this, Perception Version 3.3 provides new templates that make it easy easier to navigate questions and tests.

Other changes include faster processing of large databases by Perception Enterprise Manager, improved performance of the Coaching report and the Assessment Overview reports, quicker assessment selection facilities, and better navigation in participant reporting. The software’s new question-by-question template provides easy navigation and maximal space for questions.

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About Question mark:
Question mark has been producing testing and assessment software since 1988, enabling educators and trainers to write, administer, and report on tests and surveys securely using individual PCs, local networks, the Internet, and intranets. Perception users can categorize their question banks into topics and sub-topics from which to assemble tests and surveys. They can shuffle questions and answers for each participant and preview assessments to see how they will appear post-deployment. They can present questions with videos, graphics and a wide variety of styles. Participants receive feedback as specified by the author. Answers are saved to an encrypted file for scoring and analysis in a variety of report formats.

Businesses, governments, schools, colleges, and universities in more than 50 countries use Question mark software. Typical applications include exams, quizzes, study aids, diagnostic tests, pre-course skills assessments, and course evaluations. Question mark has offices in the United States, England, and Belgium, with distributors worldwide.

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