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Question Mark Launches All-New Software for Internet-Based Testing & Assessment

Questionmark Perception™ makes on-line tests safer than ever before


STAMFORD, CT – April 10, 1998 -- Question Mark Corporation is introducing a revolutionary new software solution for writing, delivering and administering tests and assessments via a Web browser. The enterprise-wide application, called Question Mark Perception™, is the most comprehensively specified system of its type on the market.

Perception™ enables educators and trainers to write complex tests and assessments with full multimedia capabilities for use on the World Wide Web and Intranets. The new software also features a host of new security functions to make testing in on-line environments safer than ever before.

The system consists of three separate applications: Question Manager for creating questions; Session Manager for organizing questions into tests or surveys; and Perception Server for delivering the questions.

Text, selection, numeric entry, explanation, multiple choice and multiple response questions are all available directly from the QM Perception wizard, which enables new users to create complex questions and answers with virtually no previous instruction. For more advanced users, Question Manager provides writing and editing functions to create tests with the most precise criteria. The software even enables users to define their own question types.

Question Mark Perception offers the highest levels of security possible for delivering tests via a Web browser. The Perception Server software includes a special security agent that prevents anyone from taking a test unless they are authorized and scheduled.. The security agent also ensures confidentiality and accuracy. Once tests are completed, the system analyses the results and produces reports. Reports can also be exported for further analysis.

Says Question Mark President, Eric Shepherd: "Computers are a natural tool for use in testing. But until recently, using them has been held back by the lack of availability of PCs and weak connections between them. With the rise of the Internet, these problems are disappearing and the arguments for using computers to conduct assessments are extremely compelling. The release of Perception, with its broad range of functions and comprehensive security features, means that computerized assessment is now ready to take the front stage."

"Question Mark Corporation has been a leader in the computer based testing and assessment industry for years, and our new Perception product will quickly become a standard by which others are compared within the Web based testing/assessment arena," remarks Eric Shepherd. "Perception is the result of Question Mark’s constant effort to find out what trainers and teachers need to do their best job, and pass that feedback on to our software development team. Perception now contains features that nobody else can offer at an affordable price."

People asking questions can use Question Mark Perception on any 32 bit Windows based PC. Management of the server (i.e. setting up who can take tests) is done over the web or Intranet. Meanwhile participants can access the tests using any standard browser and an Internet or Intranet connection. No special Question Mark software is needed on the participant’s machine. The Question Mark Perception Server software runs on ISAPI compliant Windows servers, the standard set by Microsoft for web servers. The reporting software also uses Active Server Pages (ASP), which is a parallel technology to ISAPI.

Question Mark was founded 1988 and was one of the first software companies to provide an authoring framework to create tests and assessments to run on PCs. Today, the company offers a full range of software for the testing and assessment marketplace spanning Windows 3.X and 95, DOS, Macintosh and web environments. Businesses, governments, and universities in more than 40 countries use Question Mark software. For more information visit

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