Empowering Question mark Customers

QUEST teams enable Question mark to systematically gather customer input on user requirements for high-priority Perception features. The QUEST (Question mark User Experience Specialists and Trailblazers) program gives Perception users an active role in determining new Perception features. QUEST’s two primary goals are to:
  1. Provide customers an avenue for providing input on new features so that Question mark can produce a better product that better suits customers’ needs; and
  2. Keep customers informed about the development activities associated with new product features.

How does QUEST work?

QUEST teams work by bringing together customers with similar needs to discuss and refine the requirements for a specific feature. The steps below outline how a QUEST team forms and operates.

  1. Question mark defines high-priority features based on customer requests and decides to add the feature to the Perception Road Map.
  2. The Question mark Product Manager contacts SSP customers via email indicating that a new QUEST team is being formed and asking interested customers to submit one or more real-world use cases for how the new feature would be utilized at their organization.
  3. Customers agree to a non-disclosure statement, submit use cases and agree to participate fully in QUEST team activities.
  4. The product manager evaluates use cases and finalizes the membership of the QUEST team.
  5. The product manager coordinates the activities of the QUEST team, which include conference calls and web seminars to discuss and finalize requirements for the feature; review of written specifications for the feature; review of prototypes; and participation in beta testing.
  6. A QUEST team is disbanded when one of the following occurs:
    1. the feature is released to the market;
    2. the QUEST team cannot reach consensus on the requirements;
    3. the cost or time for implementing the feature is deemed to be prohibitive based on Question mark’s evaluation of the feature requirements.

What are the customer benefits of QUEST?

There are a number of benefits to participating in a QUEST team.

  1. Customers can guide the development of Perception features to meet their organizations’ needs by interacting with Question mark’s product management team to define requirements, review prototypes and beta test software.
  2. Customers can better plan internal processes and procedures by being aware of the development of new features.
  3. Customers have the opportunity to participate in synergistic discussions with other Perception users interested in similar features.

Who can be in a QUEST team?

To make sure each QUEST team can operate as efficiently as possible, there are a few eligibility requirements for joining a QUEST team.

  1. Customers who hold a current software support plan ( SSP)
  2. Customers who agree to a non-disclosure statement
  3. Customers who are willing to document at least one, real-world use case for how the new feature would be used at their organization. QUEST teams will be defining what the current needs are, not what the needs might be.
  4. Customers who are willing to commit to participating in QUEST team activities, web meetings, conference calls, document reviews, prototype reviews and beta testing

How can I get involved?

SSP customers automatically receive emails about the formation of new QUEST teams. Each email will include a link to the Question mark website and instructions for registering in the new team. If you would like to check your eligibility for QUEST teams email