Printing and Scanning

With the Printing and Scanning app for Questionmark OnDemand, you can create assessments that participants can take online or on paper.  Print your own question and bubble sheets, scan responses with any scanner, and then upload them for scoring and reporting. 


Offering online assessments convenient, environmentally friendly, and makes your job a lot easier. But when it’s not practical to deliver assessments online, printing them on paper may be the best option. With Questionmark's Printing and Scanning App, you get the best of both worlds!

The Printing and Scanning app plugs into Questionmark OnDemand, enabling you to author assessments that participants can take online AND on paper. Responses can then be scanned, uploaded and scored ... and become available for reporting along with results from your online assessments.

It also works with just about any scanner. So you can print and scan your own bubble sheets — meaning there’s no expensive hardware or forms to buy.

When you need the flexibility of delivering exams, tests, quizzes, and surveys both online AND on paper, Questionmark allows you to author once and deliver anywhere with a single set of trustworthy results.


How it works

To use Printing and Scanning to deliver assessments, simply print from Questionmark, answer on paper, scan and upload results, and report on the results:
Step 1:  Print from Questionmark;  Step 2: Deliver on Paper; Step 3: Scan and Upload; Step 4: Report on Results

  • Print from Questionmark: An “assessment snapshot” is created, generating a HTML version of an assessment ready for printing. A bubblesheet format is selected and customized.
  • Deliver on paper: Participants then take their assessments and submit their responses by marking their 'bubble sheets'
  • Scan and upload: Next, the bubble sheets are scanned, and the response data is read by the scanning software which produces an assessment data file. Data from this file is uploaded to the Questionmark database.
  • Report on results: Responses are scored and available for reporting and analysis along with results from assessments delivered online.

Benefits of Printing and Scanning

  • Authoring and item banking in Questionmark
  • Blended assessment delivery
  • Quick, comprehensive reports
  • Deliver on paper and/or online with single results set for analysis
  • Compatibility with many scanning systems

Supported question types

The following types of questions can be used with Printing and Scanning assessments:

  • Multiple Choice

  • True / False

  • Yes / No

  • Likert Scale

  • Multiple Response