Perception for Windows Beta Provides New Online Delivery Options

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STAMFORD, CT ­ May 24, 2000 -- Questionmark Perception has become the de facto standard for delivering assessments via the web. A new feature, currently in beta test, allows people to deliver an assessment using a CD, local area network, e-mail, or even a floppy disk. A beta version of this exciting new offering is now available on Questionmark's website at:

The new software enables organizations to maintain a centralized database of items (questions, scores, choices and feedback) and to deliver them via any Windows PC, via the Web or print paper copies of the questions.

We enjoy working with our customers, and we have seen this demand for a couple of years,” said Eric Shepherd, president of Questionmark Corporation. “To produce a system that delivers via LANS, floppy, paper and the Web was clearly a challenge. Our initial surveys show we are exceeding customers' expectations, which is always nice to hear.”

In addition to providing a new feature for QM Perception, this beta software anticipates the release this fall of “Perception for Windows,” a standalone product that will offer Perception's advanced features together with Windows authoring, Windows delivery, and Windows reporting. Questionmark seeks a wide range of beta testers to ensure that the released software is safe, secure, and easy to understand and use. Existing users can download the software and check out the option immediately; prospective users can download the 30-day trial version.

Questionmark already has 50 beta testers lined up to test the new feature and expects to have another round of testers for the new product, Perception for Windows, before its release in the fall. The beta release will run on any 32-bit Windows PC with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or above installed.

About Questionmark and Perception

Questionmark is a world leader in computer-based testing and assessment software. Businesses, governments, and universities in more than 50 countries use Questionmark software, which originated in 1988. Questionmark Corporation is a longstanding member of the IMS Developers' Network, which consists of technical representatives from IMS Contributing member organizations as well as developers from academic, governmental, and commercial organizations dedicated to creating and using IMS compliant materials and environments.

Perception is widely used by schools, colleges, universities, businesses, and governments.Applications include everything from low stakes assessments, surveys, self-paced tutorials, pre- and post-course tests, skills checks, and needs analysis to high stakes proctored tests such as college entrance exams, certification exams, and college finals. The product is configured with options to allow random selection of items, shuffling of choices, timed tests, and powerful reports to increase the value of the assessment process.

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