Open Enrollment: 2-Day Test Development Workshop

Creating Valid, Reliable and Trustable Assessments

Course Overview

All tests should be well developed and testing practices beneficial. There is extensive evidence documenting the effectiveness of well-constructed tests in relation to supporting the validity of the test. Improper use of tests or interpretation of scores, however, can cause considerable harm to test takers as well as others affected by test-based decisions. This powerful two-day workshop provides instruction and engages participants in the design and development of test items and assessments. A pre- and posttest will be administered to measure the effectiveness of the training.

The active learning process will be used to ensure participants are fully engaged. Participants will be given the opportunity to develop test items using the Questionmark Assessment Management System. This course is designed for anyone involved in the test development, review and administration process, from novice to seasoned professionals.

The workshop will cover these topics:

• The Testing Process
• The Test Development Process
• Development of Learning Objectives
• Topic Structure Development
• Importance and Development of a Test Plan
• Cognitive Levels of Testing and Item Complexity
• Use of Correct Grammar and Effective Language
• Test Item Development
• Determining Cut/Passing Scores
• Reporting and Analytics
• Developing Pre- and Posttests

Registration and Course Tuition

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Tuition:$995 (includes tuition and course materials)
Hours:9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day
Breaks:15 minute break in morning; 1 hour for lunch; 15 minute in afternoon

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to describe, explain, list, discuss and develop the following:

  • Test process
  • Test development process
  • Development of objectives
  • Topic structure development
  • Development of a test plan
  • Cognitive levels of testing and item complexity
  • Use of correct grammar and effective language
  • Test item development
  • Performance testing
  • Determining cut/passing scores
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Developing pre and post tests

What is Included?

We provide:
  • An assessment expert to teach the class
  • Training exercises
  • Advice about how to implement your assessment program
  • Training Manual
You provide:
  • Your travel and hotel expenses
  • Payment for the course

Course Outline

The following high-level learning objectives associated with the course content will be covered:

Testing Process

  • Describe the testing process
  • Explain the roles of participants in the testing process

Test Development Process

  • Describe the purpose of testing
  • List the qualities of a successful test
  • List the two general forms of tests
  • List the three levels of criticality of tests
  • Discuss the elements of successful test construction

Development of Objectives

  • List the three elements of a terminal/final performance objective
  • Use Bloom’s “new” taxonomy to develop objectives

Topic Structure Development

  • Develop a topic structure within the Questionmark Assessment Management System

Development of a Test Plan

  • Develop a test plan

Cognitive Levels of Testing and Item Complexity

  • Describe the cognitive levels of learning and testing
  • Describe levels of item complexity associated with various levels of cognition

Use of Correct Grammar and Effective Language

  • Use correct grammar to develop meaningful test items
  • Use effective language to develop meaningful test items

Test Item Development

  • Develop test items using three methods of test item development
  • Describe the qualities associated with each part of a test item
  • Describe the qualities of a “good” test item
  • Write test items

Performance Testing

  • Describe performance testing

Determining Cut/Passing Scores

  • Describe the importance of setting cut scores
  • Describe widely accepted methods for setting an assessment cut score

Reporting and Analytics

  • Interpret test score distributions
  • Interpret commonly reported test statistics

Developing Pre- and Posttests

  • Describe the purpose of pre- and posttests

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The Questionmark Training Center is conveniently located in downtown Salt Lake City convenient to many hotels and restaurants.

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