New White Paper Explains Responsibilities of Certification Data Controllers

Questionmark addresses security concerns among organizations delivering assessments in Europe

NORWALK, CT -- March 23, 2014 – A new white paper from assessment technologies and services provider Questionmark addresses deepening concerns about potential data breaches among multinational and European organizations involved in training, certification and education.

“Responsibilities of a Data Controller When Assessing Knowledge, Skills and Abilities” explains how organizations conducting certifications and other assessments – such as surveys, quizzes and tests -- can be sure they are meeting the requirements of the European Data Protection Directive.
“With the increase of data breaches and with the Snowden revelations, people have a new sense of urgency about protecting their assessment data,” says Questionmark Chairman John Kleeman. “The Directive has been in place for nearly two decades, but this issue is now center-stage. Regulators have become more active, and organizations want to be sure they are following the proper procedures. This white paper explains what those delivering assessments in Europe need to know and do to ensure they comply with the current data protection rules.”
Under the Directive, European countries must create national laws about collecting and controlling personal data. Assessment sponsors – called Data Controllers -- must follow the laws of the country in which they are established – and in some cases, the laws of other countries, too. Data Controllers are responsible not just for their own actions: they are also accountable for the actions of any Data Processors they use as subcontractors. Companies have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for data leakages caused by the failures of Data Processors. There are significant consequences for losing data, failing to obtain informed consent and other mistakes.
The white paper describes the twelve responsibilities of a Data Controller with regard to assessments. It also explains the benefits of being pro-active about responsibilities for data protection, including higher confidence in the fairness of tests, increased take-up, and improved data quality.
The white paper is available for free download at

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