Microsoft PSS Learning Services Choose Question Mark™ Perception™

Joan Phaup
Tel: 800-642-3950

Microsoft's PSS Learning Services is using Question Mark™ Perception™ assessment software to evaluate knowledge transfer from training classes, and it will soon make Perception an integral part of its internal training infrastructure.

"We chose Perception, because it uses both Microsoft Access™ and Microsoft SQL Server™ technology," said PSS Learning Services Director Ashley Wheaton. "Their built-in reporting allows us to quickly and easily analyze the effectiveness of our classes. The rich feature set, ease of use and the Microsoft database technology convinced us it was the right tool for us."

Question Mark's tech support team worked with Microsoft programmers to integrate the two company's systems. Assessments will be delivered via Microsoft SQL Server™ running on Windows 2000™. Question Mark has produced a customized set of licenses for Microsoft so that the company can use the assessments anywhere in the world.

"We've been very pleased with the responsiveness of Question Mark's tech support people," commented Wheaton. "Any issues that we've had have been quickly resolved. Question Mark helped us with setup of our server to make our testing available to our internal employees throughout the world. We've also found Question Mark's training program to be very informative and helpful. We've been able to move from test creation to test availability much more rapidly with the introduction of this tool."

"It's gratifying when another software company endorses a software product," remarked Question Mark Corporation President Eric Shepherd. "Clearly Microsoft could have written this type of software themselves, but we're pleased they chose to work with our solution."

About Perception Question Mark Perception is a powerful Web-based tool for writing, administering, and marking quizzes, tests, assessments, and surveys. Test participants can use a run-time system or a Web browser to answer questions, which can include videos, graphics and a wide variety of styles. Feedback can be delivered instantly as specified by test authors. Answers are saved to a file for scoring and analysis using standard or customized reports. For high stakes exams, organizations can use an optional Perception Secure Browser to limit printing, navigation, and save-to-disk functions.

About Question Mark
Question Mark has been producing testing and assessment software since 1988, enabling educators and trainers to write, administer and report on tests and surveys securely using individual PCs, local networks, the Internet, and intranets. The company is actively involved with the IMS Global Learning Consortium and supports open standards. Businesses, governments, schools, colleges, and universities in more than 45 countries use Question Mark software. For more information visit

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