Manager's Edge™ Links with Questionmark Perception™ Provide Enhanced Assessments for Web-Based Courses


Stamford, CT —July 10, 1999 —- Allen Communication, a Salt Lake City-based multimedia training provider, today announced that its Manager's Edge learning management system can now work together with Questionmark Perception™ , a web-based training assessment package from Connecticut-based Questionmark. The two products can be used to rapidly and seamlessly create, administer and track Web-based assessments and tests.

Manager's Edge 2.0 is a learning management system that allow administrators to manage users and courses, setting up individual and group student assignments, and then tracking performance results to a single location. For the learners, it provides an individual learning environments from which students can launch courses from a browser or LAN environment, re-certify for necessary compliance and view individual performance records. It includes features for the management, assignment, and tracking of all kinds of training materials, from CBT lessons to stand-up lectures.

Questionmark Perception is a software package that enables educators and trainers to write complex tests and assessments with full multimedia capabilities for use on the World Wide Web and other on-line environments. This comprehensive package also features security functions calculated to make testing in on-line environments safer than ever before.

Both vendors have been actively involved in industry committees that are writing standards to allow distributed learning environments and content from multiple authors to work together. Allen has actively participated with the AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Committee), the IMS and the IEEE, and Questionmark has been actively involved in the IMS. Direct support of the AICC standard in Manager's Edge and the new Perception Integration Protocol (PIP) from Questionmark, which supports this standard, allows tests and assessments created with Perception to be seamlessly administered, launched and tracked in Manager's Edge. Performance data then automatically flows back to the Manager's Edge administrator using the AICC protocol.

Additionally, Questionmark's interface will allow educators and trainers to call Perception from another program or use Perception results in another program. They can schedule and deliver courseware; administer a test, survey or assessment; charge for an assessment; update student and employee databases; and seamlessly and securely link existing systems with Perception. This new capability makes it easy for system integrators, instructional designers, vendors of training programs and database programmers to integrate Perception with their systems.

"Manager's Edge is the best system for administering and tracking training due to its easy-to-use interface, underlying architecture, and, frankly, its price point," said Tim Sukle, president of Allen Communication. "We are committed to keeping it open to support other tools, so that users of Manager's Edge can successfully use it to integrate their entire learning curriculum, no matter who the vendor of the curriculum is or what authoring or testing system the course was written in. The Manager's Edge/ Perception combination provides a very nice solution for organizations wanting to test and track over the Net, both in terms of price point and a very easy-to-use solution."

Eric Shepherd, president of Questionmark, agreed. "The development of PIP reflects our commitment to the development of international standards that will enable educational and training programs to communicate with each other and interchange data. We are delighted to announce that it's now possible to create a seamless link between Manager's Edge and Questionmark Perception."

About Allen Communication
Allen Communication, founded in 1981, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Times Mirror, an international media and information company. It is dedicated to meeting the needs of online multimedia training developers with design, development, delivery, and management tools and services. It produces Quest®,Designer's Edge® and Manager's Edge™. In addition to software products, Allen Communication produces custom training courses for clients worldwide. Allen Communication can be reached at 800-325-7850 or (801) 537-7800 and found on the Web at

About Questionmark Corporation
Questionmark Corporation, ( which has been producing testing and assessment software for 11 years, is actively involved with the IMS project, which aims to build a new architecture for learning over the Web. The goal of the IMS project ( is the widespread adoption of specifications that will allow distributed learning environments and content from multiple authors to work together. Questionmark is also affiliated with the Association of Test Publishers ( and is contributing to the association's debate on standards for computer based testing.