Lucent Technologies meets new industry standards with Questionmark


Lucent Technologies has implemented Questionmark to set up its assessment processes for attaining the TL9000 industry standard, which establishes a common set of quality system requirements for suppliers of telecommunication systems.

The software is being used to test and prove the competency of operators and technicians at the company. A chance meeting between friends led Lucent Technologies to Questionmark and a host of test and assessment applications. A range of 20 multiple choice questions begins the TL9000 process, which then leads to supervised checks of demonstrable staff skills, and finally to a grade and pass rate.

In addition, Questionmark has been used for employee surveys regarding feedback from company webcasts and events. Other future applications of the software will include post training course assessment questionnaires and evaluation sheets to provide feedback to the training department on the value of their courses.

"We have been using Questionmark for a couple of months and have found it to be extremely efficient and intuitive," comments Paddy Gunn of Lucent Technologies. "It has been a central part of our TL9000 processes and has been shown to have many other practical business uses. What has amazed us the most is that the software has been so easy to implement and use. At no point have we needed to bring in consultants or had to ask for product training. Questionmark has been easy to modify and to integrate with our other existing systems."