Leading Assessment Technology Provider Reimagines Installable Software with Powerful Features and Monthly Releases


TRUMBULL, CT – 14 July, 2017 -- Questionmark, global provider of assessment technologies and solutions, today announced that their installable assessment management system, Questionmark OnPremise, is now available to new customers.

The new release brings a brand-new approach to installation, roles based access, assessment authoring, item banking and publishing, not to mention security enhancements to meet the latest cybersecurity threat.

“We are excited to align the functionality of our installable assessment solution with that of our intuitive cloud product, Questionmark OnDemand.” said Questionmark CEO Eric Shepherd. “For customers that need installable software this new product makes authoring easier, faster and more scalable than ever. We’ve added role-based access controls, password policy management and enhanced and encrypted access to the item bank and content management systems to give our customers even more control over their assessment security”.

Browser-based authoring
Building on Questionmark’s strong authoring capabilities, the new single-screen, browser-based interface enables subject matter experts to manage item stimulus, choices, feedback and scoring with very little orientation, all while enhancing items with images, audio, video and more. Users can scroll through one screen to create either simple or complex assessments such as multi-block branching tests with sophisticated scoring options.

Powerful item banking and simple publishing
Tracking item changes and searching for items in large banks can be complex and time consuming. Questionmark OnPremise accelerates the process through an automatic audit trail of edits and a rollback option, so authors across the organization can make edits and updates faster. New one-click assessment publishing creates a “snapshot in time” of assessment content and settings, keeping content being edited separate from published content and preventing inadvertent changes appearing in live assessments. The assignment of metatags creates a framework for organizing vast item banks, and importing and exporting content can be completed in a single step.

Enhanced security to protect exam integrity
“Questionmark is dedicated to offering the world’s most secure assessment management software” added John Kleeman, Questionmark’s founder. “With the release of OnPremise we are providing administrators with fine-grained controls over user roles, allowing them to assign permissions to users based on their priorities. The means people only have access to the tools and content they need to work on, no more, no less.” Administrators can also permit and prohibit access to specific areas of the item bank to ensure user data and assessment content is protected.

Monthly Installable Releases
The Questionmark OnPremise feature set will now have the same characteristics as Questionmark’s cloud product OnDemand, as essentially the same code is being used – a revolution for many OnPremise customers. Questionmark plans to have updates available every month and customers will be able to upgrade to a newer release should they want to take advantage of a particular development. 

Those interested in the latest version of Questionmark’s assessment management system can click here to request a demo.


About Questionmark

Questionmark assessment and portal solutions are used by organizations worldwide to securely measure knowledge, skills and attitudes for certification, regulatory compliance, workforce learning, channel expertise and higher education. Questionmark's assessment management system, available as a cloud-based or on premise solution, provides collaborative, secure authoring of questions and assessments; comprehensive item banking; multiple delivery options including mobile devices; powerful reporting and analytics to inform stakeholders; and trustworthy, defensible results.

Complete details are available at www.questionmark.com. The Questionmark Blog provides assessment-related news, interviews, insights and best practices.