How do I use Questionmark to Go?

Questionmark to Go enables you to take Questionmarkassessments in an offline environment and then upload your assessment results at a later date.

You can take an assessment with Questionmark to Go by:

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Downloading scheduled assessments

To download an assessment that has been scheduled to you, you must first log in to Perception/OnDemand by entering your username and password. If you do not know your username or password, you will need to contact your Perception/OnDemand system administrator.
Once you have done so, a list of available assessments will be displayed. Under Offline Assessments, click the assessment you want to download it.
Once the assessment file has been downloaded, you can either take the assessment immediately or at a later date.

Taking a scheduled assessment

You can take an assessment that has been scheduled to you as soon as you have downloaded the assessment. To do so, simply check theTake this assessment nowbox and clickFinish.

Alternatively, you can take a scheduled assessment that you have already downloaded at a later date. To do so:

  1. Open the Questionmark to Go player.
  2. Enter your username and password, and click Login.
  3. Select the assessment you want to take, and click Start.

Importing unscheduled assessments

Assessments that have not been scheduled are distributed as.questionmark2go files. For example, you may receive a physics.questionmark2go file via email.

Taking imported assessments

Once you have obtained the assessment file, you can double-click the file to take the assessment. This will automatically add the assessment to the Available Assessments list in Questionmark to Go before launching the assessment.

Alternatively, you can view all the unscheduled assessments available to you by opening Questionmark to Go Player. To take an assessment, select the assessment and click Start.

Toadd assessments into the Available Assessments list from Questionmark to Go Player, click Browse for Assessments... to specify the assessment file location.

Scheduled assessments that have expired will be removed from the Available Assessments list when Questionmark to Go player is opened.

Uploading results

If you have taken an assessment that records your performance, you can upload your assessment results to the Perception Server with the Result Uploader. Refer tothe following Knowledge Base article for more information on uploading results:

Upgrading Questionmark to Go Player

If a new version of Questionmark to Go Player is available when you download an assessment, you can upgrade your existing copy by following the instructions given. Once the upgrade is complete, restart Questionmark to Go Player to resume the assessment download.

You may be required to upgrade your copy of Questionmark to Go Player if the assessment you want to take requires it.

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