How do I login to take an assessment?

There are several different login methods to get to assessments. The most common ways are through links to what are called:

The main difference between the two is that secure assessments require you to login with a username and password that has been assigned to you. While, open assessments allow you to login just using your name and/or other information.

Secure assessments

​A secure assessment is an assessment that has been scheduled to a particular person or group of people. These people are known as participants. A secure assessment requires the participant to enter their user name and password to take an assessment. What username and password you use will depend on how your organization has deployed Perception.

Typically a participant must enter the username and password they were assigned. This username and password can be obtained from your Questionmark administrator.

Other methods of providing your username and passwords could have been implemented. This would result in you

  • being automatically logged in or
  • requiring you to enter your network username and password if your organization has integrated Questionmark in to another system.

Please contact your Questionmark administrator for further information.

Open assessments

​​An open assessment is one where you do not have to authenticate your self before taking the assessment. Usually, simply providing your name is enough to access the assessment. This method is most common with surveys and quizzes.

Open assessments can be accessed directly by your organization and may not require you to add any further details.

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