DALI - Diagnostic Assessment Learning Interface


Question mark Perception’s Diagnostic Assessment Learning Interface (DALI), allows learners and instructors to readily grasp how much a learner knows about a given topic or subject.

Why Dali? Research has shown that the power of taking assessments can dramatically increase learning and reduce forgetting. Learners benefit from being able to understand their knowledge and skills inventories quickly and easily. This information helps them to select the most appropriate learning experiences and quiz themselves on particular topics for retrieval practice and to gain useful feedback. Instructors want to be able to understand a student’s level of knowledge and skill so that they can assist the learning process.


What It Does

DALI offers a user interface to Perception for students/participants using perception.dll and instructors using Enterprise Manager. DALI opens up a tree view showing topic scores to allow students to see how well they’ve performed in each topic and to take refresher quizzes on topics that are proving difficult. It provides learners and instructors multiple ways to view information for them to gauge a learners’ progress in specific topic areas. DALI:

  • Allows a student to select the score level that they wish to achieve
  • Highlights the last topic-based feedback provided to the learner
  • Provides statistics associated with any selected topic
  • Displays topic descriptions as learning objectives
What It Does

How It works

Participants enter DALI via perception.dll. Once they have taken an assessment on a given topic, they can see the results in DALI. DALI allows them to:

  • See their performance level by topic
  • See topic level feedback for their level of knowledge or skill
  • Set the score level that they wish to achieve
  • Answer questions on a particular topic to provide retrieval practice by topic
  • Provide details of the learning objective for each topic and sub-topic
  • Display useful statistics

Administrators log into DALI from the reporting menu of Enterprise Manager. Within DALI, they can see a list of participants and view topic details for each of them.

With DALI You Can...

  • Easily measure progress
  • Help learners direct their own studies
  • Allow practice quizzes and tests at a topic level
  • Help increase learning and reduce forgetting
  • Allow student to discover and learn by themselves

System Requirements

  • Question mark Perception DALI is an add-on installed on your web server.
  • Web server to be running Windows 2000/2003 with Question mark Perception server v3.4.3 or above.
  • .NET 1.1 installed on Windows 2000 servers.
  • SQL Server/Oracle as the back-end database as it does not work with MS Access databases.