Questionmark Live

Create questions and assessments quickly with easy-to-use browser-based authoring tool

Questionmark Live lets you easily write questions and complete assessments and then export them for use in the Questionmark assessment management system. Subject matter experts (SMEs) can access this powerful authoring tool anytime, anywhere. This web-based application is available free of charge to current Questionmark customers.

Start authoring questions and assessments in minutes

Questionmark Live combines ease of use and speed to success to provide a powerful content harvesting tool that allows SMEs to:

  • Create an unlimited number of questions
  • Choose from many different commonly-used question types
  • Add images, links, feedback and more
  • Embed video in stimulus or feedback
  • Import items from Questionmark item banks
  • Share questions with other authors or SMEs for review or editing
  • View a question’s full revision history, compare revisions, and roll back to a previous version

How it works

Using Questionmark Live, subject matter experts can:

  • Establish question sets focusing on a similar theme, subject or purpose
  • Create questions by following simple prompts
  • Enter feedback for each question choice
  • Add comment boxes to questions
  • Share question sets with other authors or SMEs for review or editing
  • Review and select final versions of questions
  • Export and send questions to a Questionmark author

Questionmark Live Subject Matter Experts Authoring Process


  • Intuitive: easy to start authoring questions and assessments in minutes.
  • Rapid authoring and editing of multi-block assessments with easy item selection functions.
  • Familiar tools for formatting or adding images, links and more.
  • Ideal for harvesting questions from globally dispersed SMEs
  • Multilingual, user-configurable authoring environment with 16 languages to choose from
  • Collaborative authoring environment that enables sharing content with others for review or editing
  • Browser-based with no software or hardware to install or maintain
  • Free to Questionmark  customers

Collaborative authoring with revision tracking

Questionmark Live's sharing capabilities provides secure, flexible and power options for collaborative authoring. Users of Questionmark Live may select specific "sets" of questions to share with others and then track edits, compare versions and rollback to earlier versions. Plus, users may grant and revoke varying levels of permissions for review and editing of their questions.

Questionmark Live's "share question sets" feature enables users to:

  • Track and manage edits made to questions:
    • View a question’s full revision history
    • Compare different versions side-by-side with marked-up changes
    • Roll back to previous versions of questions to undo edits made by others
Compare versions
  • Control which questions are shared, who they are shared with and what others may do with shared questions:
    • Manage the permissions other individuals may do with your shared content:Shared question sets
      • Shared with read-only permissions (others may read but not change the items)
      • Shared for editing (others may edit but may not download or delete)
      • Co-ownership sharing, allowing others full permission to edit, download, delete or share with others
    • Add additional users to your shared question set
    • Remove individual users from a shared question set
    • "Un-share" the question set with all user

Question Types available in Questionmark Live

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Response 
  • Hotspot
  • Drag and Drop
  • Likert
  • Text Match
  • Numeric
  • Matching
  • Pull-down list
  • True/False
  • Job Task Analysis (JTA)
  • Yes/No
  • Essay
  • Select-a-blank
  • Explanation

How to access Questionmark Live

Questionmark Live is available without charge to all Questionmark customers:
  • Click on the "Questionmark Live" link on the Questionmark website 
  • Enter your Questionmark Communities username and password when prompted