Conference 2019 Session: Questionmark OnDemand for Government

Questionmark OnDemand for Government

Content Track:  Features & Functions    Experience Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
David Hunt, Information Security Officer, Questionmark
Stacy Poll, Public Sector Business Development Manager, Questionmark

Are you interested in learning more about the Questionmark OnDemand for Government platform which has been audited and approved? We will discuss the FedRAMP process and what is required by your organization as we move into the continuous monitoring phase. David Hunt, Questionmark Information Security Officer and Marine veteran, will cover OnDemand for Government’s status and ongoing monitoring. Stacy Poll, Questionmark Public Sector Business Development Manager, will also discuss the system migration from Perception to OnDemand for Government and will show you how you can start authoring questions in your own area now. 

Learning Objectives 
  • Understand the current status of OnDemand for Government
  • How Questionmark is doing the heavy lifting and regular reporting to your team
  • Have your questions answered by Questionmark staff